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Evgenia and Russell live and love in Moscow, and the pair envisioned a tight-knit wedding with their closest friends. A party is what they wanted to truly throw, so they sought out Home Made Bar 5 in the heart of Moscow and enlisted Karina from Tandem Wedding to bring their moody and dark intimate wedding to life. From Vera Golosova’s photos, the natural direction was centered around their ultra-suave, “punk meets pirates” tastes, so funky rocker elements and delightful tropical additions made the cut. Every decor detail was tied together with black elements: candles and their holders, vases, and coupe champagne glasses. Our ultimate mention has to be directed towards E + R’s skull cake handcrafted by a dear friend of theirs as their wedding gift. We’re wondering how they mustered up the strength to cut into and proceed to eat something so beautiful.

How did you meet?

We met at work. Russ is a sound engineer and I was working for a local promoter in Moscow. Our world revolves around live music concerts and the whole relationship is based in between the touring schedules.

He is English, I am Russian, and we work respectively for English/Russian artists and making it work in the gaps. 🙂

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

We are lucky in the respect that both of us work in the vent industry so the supplies come easy.

I planned everything as it is something I do for a living, so it comes naturally and easy. The production side of things was covered by my friends: one white screen, one digital screen for gaming, and a minimal sound set up. Everything was a present.

Good alcohol was definitely a thing to spend money on. And the rest was reasonable by itself anyways.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

We signed the papers in the registry office in Moscow but the English part of our friends and family couldn’t be there so we did a Facebook Live for everyone and that was rather fun.

We loved the reaction people had on our photo zone – nobody expected a pentagram! 🙂

Putting fake tattoos on people was a great little thing for sure – made a difference in the mood of guests and brought a little cockiness to them, ha!

Mario made a trick too – people loved to have a go at the childhood game for a bit.

There aren’t any ‘favourite’ parts, really – the whole day was great. As soon as the papers were signed, the stress was gone and we just enjoyed a hang out with the people we love. Everyone was there and that was the most important and fun bit.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Take it easy – it’s a fun day and there absolutely no need to stress about it! 🙂

Event Credits

PhotographyVera Golosova
Reception VenueHome Made Bar 5
CalligraphyVera Golosova
StationeryTandem Wedding
VideographyVera Golosova
CateringHome Made Bar 5
Event PlanningBride Herself
Decor ItemsTandem Wedding
PhotographyLidia Sharapova
Wedding DressAnna Skoblikova
Groom’s AttireHawes & Curtis
Bride’s ShoesCamper Shoes
Engagement RingDenis Music Jewellery