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Moody Fall Farmstead Wedding Inspiration

Whattapuddle Farms. That’s a real and true name, and we were smitten by it the moment we read it. It’s tucked away in Ohio and its vast acreage is something to behold. This moody fall farmstead wedding inspiration from Chickadees Photography was a great way to welcome the new season and this land was a top-notch place to host it.

In every photo we’ve seen from this shoot, there were aspects that left us staring at the photos longer than we normally do. Our two brides, for starters, embraced every fun moment willingly and their cheek-to-cheek smiles spoke volumes. They were the central figures in this autumnal editorial, and they were surrounded by neutral tones and the quintessential shades that make fall “fall”. Copper, various shades of brown, and a dash of neutral pinks can be spotted everywhere, from the lakeside ceremony area to the sugar coma-inducing cake by Tina Turner Cakes. With shoots like this, it poses the question: who else misses fall?