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Red, White & Blue are three colors that couples are willing to take a chance on, but one color at a time, never as a combined force.  There is such a strong patriotic connection with this color combo that just about everyone is fearful that they will not be able to pull it off.  Today’s styled shoot takes this combination head on, showcasing how wedding perfect this color palette actually can be!  Lets look at how these great Utah vendors wheeled these strong colors making this gorgeous shoot happen, shall we?

With the exception of our couples clothing, from a decor stand point, white is used more sparingly and mostly as an accent color, allowing red & blue to really be the main focus.  Before we venture off the subject of color, green is also a present touch, influenced by the florals as well as location, adding a neutral eye point, breaking up our mind set when viewing these colors as a whole.  The florist cleverly left the blooms with their thick leaves around then, giving a nice organic touch to a very masculine look.  The use of texture & design lines is the true secret weapon here however.  The sheer white overlay with abbreviated lines breaks up the solid color blocks, a common theme when viewing red, white & blue, giving a much more elevated design feel.  Our gorgeous 2 tier cake with matching abbreviated lines pattern, not only serves as a tasty treat but another place where colors are blended together working the overall design aesthetic.  The last piece of the puzzle is the choice of silver chiavari chairs which again, compliments the palette yet gives the eye a break.

Naturally the one  piece of the puzzle that is left out of this styled shoot are the bridesmaid dresses, which they themselves can often be  a force to be reckoned with.  My suggestion here, taking the brilliant cue of patterns, I would suggest dresses that are multi colored & possibly with a matching abbreviated line feel.  Even long gorgeous skirts with an overlay, or thick patterned sashes with tight tanks, could really bring home this look.  I hope this inspires feature couples looking to take on a red, white & blue color palette.  It can be done, and it can be lovely!

Vendor Love

Event Planner: Taylor Made Weddings and Events
Floral Designer: My Favorite Flowers
Makeup Artist: Beauty N Brows Studio
Jewelry: JK Jewelers
Venue: The Garden at Tonaquint Park
Photographer: Photo Love Stories