I know as wedding bloggers we tend to ooh & awe more than a normal person would, seemingly constantly swooning over something.  I try very hard to only project those feelings when I really, truly, personally mean them.  I also make an effort to genuinely share with you wedding dress designers who I am personally passionate about.  One can easily find typical wedding dress collections just about anywhere.  I seek out those that raise above, that literally craft a dream.  In that vein, for sometime now I have been lusting after Australian based wedding dress designer Paolo Sebastian.  To put it frankly, his designs are not like the others you see, they are works of art that you simply will not see on the bride next to you, they will be yours and yours alone.  His freshest collection, Paolo Sebastian Spring Summer 2015-2016, was inspired by the nightingale and the enchanting call they omit that captivates us so deeply.  To express this in dress form, designer Paul Vasileff articulated his vision into hand sketched embroideries that are brought to life on sheer paneling while other pieces feature metallic feather embellishments that are as much rock’n’roll as they are breathtaking romance.  The collection toys with a couple hemlines variances with a certain stand out in the form of the illusion tulle ballerina gown featuring the most stunning of periwinkle floral embroideries.  Another star within the collection is a simple silk fishtail gown, which I am sure is lovely, but showcases perhaps one of the most gorgeous capes crafted of Hallette beaded lace that I have ever seen… I simply can not take my eyes off of it.  Each dress within the collection does a flawless job ob of breathing life into the nightingale vision, from song bird stylings to design cues taken from such a creature of beauty.  Each dress is a unique star with the perfect bride in their future, but I personally am drawn to those featuring the gorgeous feather work coupled with flowing tulle skirts.  Call me a touch rock’n’roll, but these are simply things of beauty of which Paolo Sebastian can craft my dream wedding dress any day.


*All Images Courtesy of Paolo Sebastian