Orange Inspired Bridal Makeup In 2 Perfect Looks

Its simple enough to throw a bunch of orange at you and call it an orange inspiration story, but what about some practical application, right?! In the spirit of our present time of a year, a time when we lovingly cuddle all things orange hued, a thought comes to mind.  How does one dabble in orange makeup…. and manage to come out looking flawless?  Bridal makeup can be a tricky beast at times and for those looking to inject some real color, orange might just be off limits for the timid.  Eden & I have to set out to prove how very not true that is!  Along with the beyond amazing Melissa Kruse, some orange crush dreams were created in the form of 2 gorgeous orange hued looks like that are bridal makeup ready!  Fair skin, not to worry.  Deep and rich skin tones with touches of olive, we got you too.  Choosing the right shade of orange that compliments your skin tone is the true secret, feel inspired and empowered because gorgeous orange is truly for just about everyone!


Bright colors can feather or bleed leaving a very noticeable trace around your mouth. Line then fill in your lips with a long lasting matte shade to give your lip color staying power. For bright orange looks try NYX Slim Lip Pencils in Pumpkin or Orange.  Top with Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Sweet Nectar  for an electric and dramatic orange or keep it subtle and lady like with Lime Crime’s ultra pigmented Unicorn Lipstick in Babette which is a soft pinkish coral.  For a glossy orange pout, I suggest Armour Beauty in Lucy for a proper orange that can be super opaque or a light wash of color or Ann-Margret for a softer tone.


Vendor Love

Photography: Melissa Kruse Photography | Hair + Makeup: Eden di Bianco | Styling & Design: Storyboard Wedding | Wedding Dresses: Sareh Nouri | Venue: Wythe Hotel