Passionate Love Boils Over At The El Dorado Dry Lake Bed…. If I Can’t Have You….No One Can!!

I’ve had the pleasure of following along with Tess Maxwell & Nathan Kruger’s love story {photographically speaking!} at various high points through out the year.  We brought you their  Neon BoneYard Museum Engagement Session as well as their Vintage Glam Wedding At The Top Of The Vegas Strip!  Its only fitting that we round things out with their take on a Trash the Dress session, the catch however, is that this session is not so much a TTD as it is an awesome excuse for our vintage loving couple to have some real fun!  Wanting a more tongue & cheek play on things, this editorial shoot reads more like one of those crazy love stories that we see in the movies.  You know the kind…couple has a crazy beyond passionate love for each other that boils over into a If I can’t have you…. no one can!!! kind of love!  There is just the right amount of willy eyed crazy in their eyes to sell you on what follows as night falls over the El Dorado dry lake bed {*hint hint*}  Really driving things home is the special touch of a friend’s 1951 Mercury.  You can almost see how it all plays out, right!?  Big hugs to Tess & Nathan & Moxie Studio for allowing us to share in their big year!!


Vendor Love

Venue: Boulder City Train Museum
Photographer: Moxie Studio