{Sponsored Love} 3 Crave Worthy Pave Diamond Engagement Rings That Will Stun

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If there is one thing that never gets old, its ring bling!  If there is one thing that stresses guys out, right under the decision to spend the rest of their life with someone, it is buying the ring!  What style do they like, what cut of diamond might they want, do they even want a diamond??!!  As girls, we constantly drool over gorgeous fashion items, pinning them to our hearts content.  Our secret wish list of the things we dream about, tops on these lists are usually stunning rings!  The beauty to the internet world is in its accessibility, just look and you’ll like find it.  When Fascinating Diamonds reached out to me to share 3 of their beautiful new styles of gorgeous diamond engagement rings, I jumped at the chance to bring more styles into the light and give you more rings to  covet!  Let’s get into the gorgeous 3 shall we!

Curve Engagement Ring

Encrusted Curve Set Diamond Engagement Ring Fascinating Diamonds | Storyboard Wedding Encrusted Curve Set Diamond Engagement Ring Fascinating Diamonds | Storyboard Wedding

Curved Diamond Engagement Ring

A classic style with a modern twist, this lively curved diamond engagement ring is all about minimalist perfection.  Able to take any center size & shape diamond your heart’s desire, no matter what, it will be accented by a 1/2ct of diamonds in the prong set band.  The dip roll of the wave around the center diamond is a unique focal point, playing on vintage trends as well as new.  White gold, rose gold, platinum, you name it, they will tailor make it to your needs.


Butterfly Engagement Ring

Butterfly Set Diamond Engagement Ring Fascinating Diamonds | Storyboard Wedding Butterfly Set Diamond Engagement Ring Fascinating Diamonds | Storyboard Wedding

Butterfly Accented Diamond Engagement Ring

Let’s face it, some of us just need something a little bit more girly at the end of the day.  If you are a butterfly lover, you’re going to crush hard on this sweetly designed butterfly accented diamond engagement ring.  Much like its friend above, this ring is designed to handle any shape & size center, allowing the freedom to get as big {or small!} as you might prefer.  Not being locked into a certain size center stone really allows your budget to work for you, giving you flexibility and ultimate control.  Finishing the look of the ring is a unique flywheel design filled with .37ct worth of diamonds which outline the edges of the ring, giving it that truly old school flavor.


Interlink Square Engagement Ring

Interlinked Square Set Diamond Engagement Ring Fascinating Diamonds | Storyboard Wedding Interlinked Square Set Diamond Engagement Ring Fascinating Diamonds | Storyboard Wedding

Interlocking Square Link Diamond Engagement Ring

Is contemporary more your thing?  How about this wonderfully cool interlocking square link diamond engagement ring with quick dashes of smooth metal to break up all that sparkle!  The square links feature a total of 3/4ct worth of diamonds, while here again, the design allows you to hand select the center size you desire.  A bit more thick in width and a bit more of a geometric standout, this ring is not for the weak at heart!

While these 3 styles are totally crave worth, sometimes you just have something stuck in your mind and simply can not find it anywhere!  Its maddening, right!  Well ta-da!  Fascinating Diamonds has figured out how to get whats in your head, turned into a real life ring!  Their custom design diamond engagement ring program walks you through the various steps, as well as helping you pick from their GIA certified diamonds by their GIA certified & trained staff {even the customer service reps are certified!}  Over 10 years in business and a glowing reputation on both eBay & ivouch should ease your online buying concerns.  I know purchasing something you never see until the very end can be scary, but let the team at Fascinating Diamonds guide your way.  For the ultimate cherry on top, Free Shipping…. anywhere in the world!  Place your order and in 2-3 days time, your engagement ring will be out the door and on its way to you, pretty sweet if you ask  me!

Before I run off, I simply must know which diamond engagement ring style is your favorite?!  Me personally, I lean toward the curved ring, I love the simplicity and the thin band.  Even if your not a fan of these 3 styles in particular, I encourage you to head to Fascinating Diamonds to shop around.  I’d love to know what you’re crushing on!