Poinsettia Farm Red Essence Spanish Wedding With Eclectic Detailing

In my time I have seen some incredible Spanish weddings.  No matter what the artistic direction might be, there are two elements always present, style & passion.  When wedding planner La Puesta en Escena sent this red essence Spanish wedding my way, set in the unique locale of a poinsettia farm, I was immediately captivated by all it had to offer.  The location, the styling, the incredibly unique bouquet and the delicious moodiness with which it was all captured spoke to me.  I also love the insight on why the location was so choice, “The poinsettia, so recognized as a Christmas plant, has a lot of work, (to become a full size plant) which made me think about a wedding. It needs 6 months of preparation, from planting the cutting until it starts to bloom.  All this taking care of it with care and nutrients.”  Joined by Spanish wedding photographer Carlos Lucca Fotografo, the team pulled together a dark & wondrous styled shoot that spills of moody love and deep red passion.  While each image speaks for itself in this moody Spanish wedding, do not miss the in’s and out’s of why each element was chosen after the gallery.  This is not your cookie cutter wedding, and for that, I could not love it anymore than I currently do.


A Design Word from La Puesta en Escena:

(In the wedding dress) I was looking for something that would intertwine with the marks that this beautiful plant has on its leaves. I could be more enamored with the Atelier L’Avetis in Barcelona, where I found the perfect wedding dress called Casilda, delicate, bohemian and sensual. The wedding dress was made of embroidered tulle combined with gauze and in the body marked lace, sleeves accompanied by very delicate and delicate lace ruffles. The wedding dress was designed for those brides looking for a bohemian and carefree air without losing the feminine and sensual touch with that beautiful back with transparent lines and the buttoning.

The groom’s attire had to wear a single color, sober but elegant.  The great color thought was black, with the help of Benavent we wanted to stand out with the environment and in contrast with the bride. Giving him the only touch of color in the fun straps of white polka dots, winking at the bride.

We needed a bouquet, (but not your typical bouquet), we had to counteract all the plants that we had around, that’s why the florist was chosen The Language of Flowers. This magnificent red bridal bouquet that symbolizes the love and passion of a great day as it is a wedding. The bouquet contains buttercup that transmits a shy love, the beauty of the carnation and the beautiful union with the amaranth, the sparkle and the spiciness with that touch of chili, indispensable ingredients that come together in a circular bouquet that gives off eternity.  Combined with a diademada of red apple trees as a symbol of temptation and green fir touches to give color and harmony with the environment. To match the button, in a rounded way, it gives continuity to the concept of eternity.

We did not want to present a delicate and subtle makeup, Andrea Hinostroza wanted to enhance the features of her, like a girlfriend who innovates, with strength and who dares to wear winter-flavored tones. Sophisticated and elegant with its own light.

Vendor Love

Photography: Carlos Lucca Fotografo | Wedding Planner: La Puesta en Escena | Wedding Dress: L’Avetis | Men’s Attire: Benavent | Makeup: Andrea Hinostroza | Floral: El Lenguaje de las Flores | Shoes: Doriani | Alliances: Amparo | Alliance Holders: Miss Katiuska Weddings | Model Agency: Kara Agency | Models: Isabel Agullo & Frank Alonso de Rojas