Scrumptious Sweet Treats Styled To Perfection ~ Inspiration For Every Dessert Bar!

In honor of my birthday {yup you read that right!} I am doing what any respectable girl would do, I am throwing myself a sweets party naturally!  Those of you that know me, know how insane of a sweets tooth I have & when they come in the form of phenomenal cupcakes… well its on like Donkey Kong!  I actually have a dream of one day opening a bakery {with 0 pastry experience mind you!} and calling it “This Is Why I Run” Hehe!  Dont steal my awesome name in the mean time though!  Last year I celebrated my birthday with the Sprinkle Cake heard ’round the world wide web {click here to sprinkle} so why not keep to tradition and feature some more amazing treats!  A sweet team {pun intended!} in Minnesota got together and put on a dessert bar clinic!  Be it carnival infused, classics inspired, or vintage noshes, the team touched on all kinds of yummy goodness.  From cakes to macaroons to cupcakes, there are so many scrumptious delights to play with.  The food decor styling is clever & bright, certainly crafting the desserts bar as a focal point all its own!  Each setup has a unique finger print, but what I truly love is how any bridey can easily apply this to their day & make the most picture worthy sweets spot!  Be warned….reading this post might induce severe sugar cravings & possibly lead to a bakery run 🙂


Vendor Love

Bakery: Sweets Bakeshop | Venue: Spill the Wine
Florist: Sadie’s Couture Floral and Event Styling | Styling & Vintage Rentals: On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals | Photographer: Erin Johnson Photography