Be it a good thing or not, Pinterest has essentially turned everyone into a Peeping Tom.  Not only are you able to see the things that people pin, your able to see the names of the boards that they are pinning into.  These very names give you clues into what a person  likes, doesn’t like, thinks is funny, wants to emulate, create something like and so on.  I only bring it up as there is a commonly named board I frequently come across, the gist of its name…. POSE.   Aye ye ye…

Nearly Newlywed Wedding Dress Tim Gibson Photography

Source: Tim Gibson Photography for Nearly Newlywed via Bridal Musings

While gathering wedding portraits that you admire is a great proactive step, its the ones labeled ‘Pose’ that worry me.  The thing I think a lot of folks tend to not realize is that it is the spur of the moment, raw emotion, that your really connecting with in other people’s wedding photographs.   Most that you see are ‘poses’ that naturally occurred.    Striving to recreate something you saw, can only lead you down a path of disappointment.  Your so busy in your head trying to remember if your doing it right, if he is on the right, your on the left, if your hand goes here, if your successfully recreating the photograph you saw, that the end result shows it all in your face.  I encourage you to be in the moment, do what feels right, right then and there.  Kiss, dont kiss, hug, laugh, dance, jump, look around, do a hand stand.  You get my point.  This my dear friends is the exact path to absolutely covet worthy imagery.  Wouldn’t you rather covert your own wedding photographs??  While I totally encourage image collecting of all kinds, for all sorts of reasons, please don’t get laser locked on….THE Pose.  I want you to be as happy and gleefully surprised as you can be by your stunning wedding photos,  not worrying about how you ‘Didnt get it quite right’.