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Seriously ladies, when you snag a good one, hold on with all your might!  More & more I am seeing guys who don’t just muster up the courage to ask a gal to spend forever with them, they actually get into the entire process, especially the photography side of things!  Todd Haller is no exception and went the extra mile to make sure his bride-to-be, Tecie Fletcher, had a gorgeous engagement session she would never forget!  Secretly teaming up with Sweet Roots Photography, the inner circle got to work crafting a beautiful shipwrecked raft engagement session.  From erecting the most amazing wooden ship to little details like netting as a covering & silver plates with twine wrapped napkins, Tecie didn’t know what hit her when she saw this lovely sunrise vision all orchestrated by her beau! This engagement session is so incredibly lovely from the design to the light, a truly perfect summer engagement!

A Word From Sweet Roots Photography

“We are so excited to share this surprise engagement shoot. We had talked to Tecie and Todd several times and knew they wanted to do their engagement pictures on the beach, and were so excited to do that. Todd had actually talked to us and wanted to set something up and surprise Tecie with it. He knew she loved all the styled shoots we had done and wanted to work that into the surprise. We were thrilled with this idea. We got to work brainstorming and came up with the idea of doing a raft. When we got to the beach, we set out working on building a raft and getting all the little details planned. We got all the props from the local dollar tree and souvenir shop. We planned to do the session at sunrise. Tecie thought we would be doing them later that night. We snuck out that morning and set everything up. Todd told her he wanted to got for a sunrise walk on the beach and then take her out to breakfast so to get dressed up. She was so surprised when she walked down to the beach and saw the set up. We are so happy with the results! It was such a fun shoot.”

*All Photographs By Sweet Roots Photography