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Surprise Proposal Engagement Session Infused With Baseball All Star Game Goodness

In honor of our great American past time {which by the way, as I am sure you sports fan know, is celebrating All Star Break right now with the All Star game playing tonight!} I thought a baseball infused proposal would hit the sweet spot!  Knowing how much his special gal, Sarah Kitchens, adores wonderfully styled themed sessions, DJ Rossi arranged for a special styled shoot with Luna Bella Photography working their love of baseball into the mix!  When the day of the session arrived, much to everyone’s surprise, DJ, with the ring burning a hole in his pocket, decided to take things from just a portrait session to a surprise proposal all captured on film!  Sigh I love these boys and how they are becoming so wonderfully sentimental and creative these days, keep it up!!  Seriously though, this session is mega sweet and I love the genuine shock & joy on Sarah’s face.  There are so many sweet photos where Sarah can barely contain her mega watt happy beam of excitement!  Well done DJ and perfectly timed I’d say!


*All Photographs by Luna Bella Photography