The Great Gatsby Goes To The Races In This Del Mar Racetrack Styled Wedding Winner

With my deep love of all things horses, when this submission came across my desk saying something about the Del Mar Racetrack, I was pumped and boy did it not let me down!  Wanting to put a playful twist on all things Gatsby, the team opted to shoot their styled inspiration at the stunning Del Mar Racetrack.  I dont know how many of you have had the pleasure of going to a proper horse race track, but typically they are absolutely gorgeous & most certainly make for one lovely backdrop!  The couple is featured in 4 unique looks, each offering readers a slightly different interpretation of what it is to be 1920’s inspired!  Bridal headpieces are the big show stopper here, my personal favorite being a really fun play on the veil which is fitted more closely to the head while being pulled back from the face by 2 floral fascinators.  Between the bridal fashion, the beautiful outdoor table set up {diiiiiiieing over those plates!}, and one incredibly cool 1927 Star 4-Door by Durant Motor ride, this styled shoot is a How To Have A Gatsby Inspired Wedding, dream guide!


What Storyboard Likes…

The Fashion– The 4 different looks might be a lot to take in at first, so I really encourage you to spend sometime going back through the shoot as there are some really lovely things happening that can be easily applied to other styles of weddings, not just those sampling from the 1920’s.  As I noted in my intro, headpieces have a heavy presence in this shoot and I gotta say, I am loving it.  Whether you find yourself more drawn to the direct retro style literal headband & pin style, or your find yourself more vibing with the veils gone showpiece looks, there are ways to apply to any wedding.  In the case of today’s feature the dresses were chosen to further compliment and reinforce the 1920’s Gatsby feel, however pair just about any of these great ideas with a more modern gown & you have Bridal Inspirationsensation!

Pow Wow Is Right!– I’ve had a lil industry crush on Pow Wow Vintage Rentals for sometime now and am beyond thrilled to be featuring a shoot that showcases some of their great offerings!  There are so many great pieces to love, but let me highlight a few of my favorites.  First up is the too perfectly cake table.  That piece is a charmer & needs to get into my house on a yesterday basis!  This little table has a strong antique feel {I am sure it  probably is!} and marries beautifully right into the 1920’s vibe of the day while also being just the right size to be a complimenting piece, not another thing fighting for attention.  My other favorite pieces are on the strong {oak, walnut?} table set up.  I am loving the mix of a big strong heavy wooden table mixed with the super tall clear glass candelabras!  However my favorite of favorites here are the stunning Mother of Pearl Chargers!  I have no idea if you can actually eat off of them or if they are strictly for gorgeous show, but L.O.V.E, like mega love!  Pow Wow defiantly brought it overall!

Picture Perfect Moments– One thing I always love & appreciate are great photographic moments.  Between the artistry that is the eye of Siegel Thurston Photography and the wonderful location & props, there are some really lovely moments happening here.  A few of my favorite photos in this shoot all have the same feel, a very airy ethereal lighting quality that elevate the average image into the stratosphere of art.  The use of props also can transform an image, perfect example being the shot that I love to refer to as the ‘We Won!’ photo, that of the kiss with racing tickets flying  all around.  Finding great ways to incorporate the right props can give your day a boost of energy & style!  Lastly, when you have a vista of a location like a race track, using those gorgeous grounds to your advantage is always the thing to do!  I can’t get enough of the shot of our couple at the top of the stairs with the stunning California race track as a backdrop.  I encourage couples to location scout before their big day, find amazing places to shoot, & if/when you find props that play into your day, use them!


Vendor Love

Venue: Del Mar Racing | Dress Boutique: Mia Bella Couture, La Femme Chic Consignment Boutique | Jewelry: Sandra Nicole Designs,Crush Jewelry Design | Hair: Hair Ya Go | Makeup Thorne Artistry | Personal Stylist: Thorne Artistry | Florist: Grand Floral Design by Robin | Baker: Hey There Cupcake | Rentals: Pow Wow Vintage Rentals | Transportation: Haynes Chauffeuring | Paper Props: Paper Scissors Print | PR Rep: Mackenzie Marketing & Design | Cinema and Video: Zeke Torres Films | Photographer: Siegel Thurston Photography