The Jimmy Cake Makes A Come Back! Who Knew Sprinkles Could Be So Upscale!?

Birchgrove Baking LogoAs Truly and I were back in Vermont this last week for a time of leisure, it was a no brainer to visit our absolute favorite baker man…er woman that is!  I wont even pretend… Truly & I have THE biggest foodie crush on Jenn of Birchgrove Bakery.  We came to know of Jenn when we were doing our rounds trying to find the perfect baker for our cake.  Jenn just happened to be the very first stop on our cake tasting tour & she pretty much ruined anyone else chances right out of the gate!  The bar was set so damn high it was pretty impossible for anyone to come close.  Not to mention that Jenn is just down right lovely & a pleasure to talk to.

Jenn had a super amazing display cake set up that literally blew Truly & I away.  Its such a friggin simple idea & it works flawlessly!  May I introduce to you the 4 Tier Jimmy Cake!  Yeah, I am bringing back old school sprinkle slang!

Birchgrove Bakery 4 Tier Sprinkle Cake With White Bows

Birchgrove Bakery 4 Tier Sprinkle Cake With White Bows 

 This cake is so fun, so clean, so precise, yet filled with goobs of whimsy.  Tons & tons of sprinkles cover every inch of this cake, while smooth white fondant ribbons frame the bottom of each layer.  Ribbon fondant bows are then placed in a straight center line down each tier creating a bit of symmetry & place of rest for the eye in the chaos of the colorful sprinkles.  The overall effect of the design is gorgeous in person!  Who on earth would have thought that sprinkles, something typically associated with novelty ice cream treats, could make for such a stunning upscale cake!?  I know this cake will be a major hit with brides this year!

So what do you guys think about The Jimmy Cake?  Are you a sprinkle fan?  Is this something that you would consider for your wedding?  Having seen it in person, I love it!  It also seems that by all the Pinterest love its getting, there are defiantly some fans around too!

 Birchgrove Bakery Key Lime PiesWhen I am able to finally release our wedding photos (blah forever wait…. ugh) there is a big time love note headed Jenn’s way.  I suggest eating before you read that post as you are sure to get some mad sweet tooth cravings after it!

Birchgrove Bakery Old Mixer Turn PlanterWhile its true personality can only get you so far, its her flavors that do the talking.  They are freaking unreal, & we arent just talking cakes here.  From scones to mini-pies,  pretty much everything Birchgrove turns out is a drool worthy party in your mouth.  Her pastries are simply to die for.  We had fresh, warm Palmiers (Truly’s fave) that literally made us both speechless, and then we promptly bought the remaining 2 that were left & quickly devoured them.

One last thing of note, inside Birchgrove is an old mixed which they have now converted into a planter.  I love me some recycled, repurposed items & this idea couldnt be more perfect!

*Photography by Jessica Hardy