{Sponsored Love} Top 5 Groom Trends of 2014

Weddings are chalk  full of traditions, be it going standard with the vows or speaking from the heart to tossing your gorgeous bouquet. While many of these traditions have stood the test of time, couples are now expressing themselves in ways during their weddings that are proper reflections of who they really are.  Personalizing weddings is coming out in just about every aspect of the day from the wedding venue, type of ceremony and design, to wedding attire which plays a really large part to it all. Fortunately more couples are choosing to show off their personalities through what they & their bridal parties wear and how its all being put together as a final picture. We’ve gathered some of our favorite top groom styles of 2014 for your viewing pleasure.


1. The Traditional Groom:

Formal Tuxedo Groom Formal Tuxedo Groom Detail

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Perhaps not so much a trend as it is a staple, the traditional groom will never ever leave us and why should he!  Traditional groomswear can still be found at many weddings, whether the weddings itself is very traditional or not. Most traditional grooms are quite formal, wearing a classic tuxedo, perhaps with a vest, donning a sharp tie even or a bow tie. The conventional groom will typically opt for a sleek look with a black tux and white shirt, comparing only to the beauty of the formal gowns worn by the brides.


2. The Casual Groom:

top groom trends casual groom

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Many couples are opting for a more casual feel on their wedding day, with brides wearing simple dresses and grooms tossing aside the three-piece look. Casual grooms forego the typical jacket and show off their personal style with bow ties, suspenders or vests as the main attraction. Dress shoes are often replaced with boots or loafers, with some grooms even going for khaki pants or jeans.


3. The Suit-Wearing Groom:

Traditional Suit Groom Detail Top Groom Trends Traditional Suit Groom Top Groom Trends

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If you’re having a destination or day wedding, a suit may be a more preferable option to a traditional tux. A suit is a good in-between choice for grooms who aren’t really into formal clothing, yet want to turn the volume up a bit  more then a completely casual look for their wedding. Suits can be worn in a variety of colors with a black suit more on the formal side, while a blue or tan suit will give off more of a laid-back feel.


4. The Colorful Groom:

Colorful Groom Trends Color Socks Adidas Groomsmen Shoes

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Many grooms, whether they’re more traditional or casual, often opt to use color to add a little something extra to their look. Colorful grooms can make their accents small, by simply wearing a colored tie or bow tie, while others choose to wear colorful vests or add in fun details like suspenders and bold socks. Some formalwear retailers offer more traditional grooms the option of adding colorful accents, really helping them pop on their big day!


5. The Unique Groom:

Kilt Groom Top Groom Trends Victorian Theme Groom Top Groom Trends

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When planning a wedding, many couples want to have a ceremony as unique as they are. One way for brides and grooms to show their style is by having a themed wedding, ever growing in popularity. Themed weddings typically center around something the couple loves from TV shows to a cultural heritage they want to pay homage to even a hobby they both enjoy. Unique grooms may wear everything from kilts, to dressing like the movie’s protagonist or wear traditional Victorian-style groomswear.

In 2014, many grooms are even combining a few styles above and making them their own. Whatever your style or preference may be, ensuring that the formalwear or not so formal wear at your wedding showcases your personality is key.  The beauty to freedom from getting out from cookie cutter weddings is really putting your stamp on things with grooms and their groomsmen really having fun nowadays putting together amazing looks that rocked the top groom trends of 2014!