Vibrant Traditional Indian Wedding With Personalized Touches At Philadelphia’s Vie Ballroom

There is something so magical & captivating to me about Indian weddings.  I think they appeal to the little kid in me with all of the wonder in bright colors & shiny pieces, like a brilliant peacock on display!  Danielle Carr & Ravi Jarecha celebrated their instant love with one another by blending their two worlds into one.  Their ceremony, focusing on traditional Indian rituals, is beautiful & equally as captivating as the bright colors!  From the beautiful long floral leis, the binding of the couple by loose rope, even the burning of materials, each is wondrously intriguing and beautiful.  Their bridal fashions, again traditional style, are stunning and both looking completely amazing & beautifully put together.  Danielle is an utter vision & a stunningly beautiful bride, dont you think?!  While traditions are certainly the first order of business, what I love the most is the breeze, ease, & joy which Danielle & Ravi clearly take in the others presence.  This wedding is beautifully done, heartfelt & filled with joy!


Novella of the Bride…

Danielle is the owner of Lakshmi Hair Studio with a passion for Yoga.  Ravi is a Safety Engineer at an Oil Refinery with a passion for skateboarding.  We met online and moved in after 2 1/2 months of dating, were engaged a year later and married 3 months after that.  We like to say that we followed all of the signs of the Universe sine the very beginning.  We knew very early on that we had a divine and powerful connection to each other not to mention many things in common like being vegetarian, similar family values and approach to life and a common spirituality!

We loved the space {Vie} and realized that we had been there for a party when we first started dating.  It was a Best of Philly Event where Danielle’s Hair Studio won Best of Philly and I brought Ravi as my date.  Looking back on the pictures from that evening we realized that we had gotten engaged on that same day (July 28th) exactly one year later!  Our overall theme was Indian with modern touches.  Or ceremony, though Indian rituals were used, was written by us, incorporating who we are and how we live life.  It was performed by two friends.

Bride’s Favorite Moment: “We both think our ceremony itself was our favorite moment, which was written by us and performed by two friends who had never officiated such an elaborate ceremony.  We had fire, prayers, traditional Indian rituals, singing, chanting, and sitar & tabla players.  Somehow it all worked, even though it did not go very smoothly the night before at the rehearsal dinner…but you wouldn’t know it because it was a deeply personalized, intellectual, and spiritual ceremony (as a family friend said).”


Vendor Love

Venue: Vie  | Wedding Dress: Sheetal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Om the Origin  | Shoes: Satin Slipper | Hair & Makeup: Lakshmi Hair Studio  | Groom’s Attire: Om the Origin  | Invitation Designer: All Wedding Cards  | Printed Materials: Golden Silhouette  | Transportation: Ali Babba Limousine  | Music: Eddie Tully  | Florist: Papertini  | Caterer: Cescaphe Event Group  | BakerCescaphe Event Group | Wedding/Event PlannerCescaphe Event Group | Photographer: Dollface Studio