I feel for the videographers of the world, especially those whose focus is on weddings.  For the longest time, wedding videos had the worst rap around and lets be honest, for the most part, rightfully so.  Over the last 3-5 years however, there has been a completely new resurgence of the video world, with artful ways of telling a story behind their regained popularity.  New videographers have sprung up, shedding the old mentality for a new fresh way of storytelling, one that is captivating and creative from the start, and almost always, the perfect tug on the heart strings.  Thanks to couples who are more eco-conscious or simply gravitate toward more modern ways of communicating, such as Facetime & Skype, video Save The Dates are coming right along with this revisited wave of wedding videos.  Enter Inés Santacreu and Javi Mas, two Barcelona city lovers who will be getting married along the Mediterranean.  Seeking something new and cool, the couple teamed up with Kinothèque, a Barcelona based audiovisual and production company to bring their video save the date to life.  After a bit of brainstorming, the group decided to ‘write’ a video love note to Barcelona featuring a mix of special Barcelona places with a sailor infused essence.  The result is a super fun video Save The Date that will not only make you smile, but will certainly serve to inspire couples to consider a video version of their wedding announcement!

Inés&Javi – Save the Date from Kinotheque