I don’t know about you, but today’s engagement session has a real wanderlust feel to it and I am utterly in loooove with it!  When this gem first hit my inbox it immediately screamed California to me.  Don’t ask me why exactly, it just did, ok?! but of course I was wrong as this dreamy evening session took place in Georgia!  There is a truly magical quality to the light throughout each shot as it evolves over the course of their evening session.  Allison Rhee & Seung Kit Song elegantly walked the line, one foot in the world of the boho hippie, the other in that of a more hipster chic.  No matter the styling, a very free spirit feeling was captured in each image, wonderfully expressed by Allison & Seung.  A more playful lighter love was felt in the open fields & tie dyed old yellow school bus while a more serious & artful tone was taken along the wood fence rails, along with the adventurous goats of the dark & mysterious farm.  A true purist and lover of  proper film, each image was photographed on Kodak Porta 400 Film by Atlanta based photographer Kendra Elise Photography.  From the open plains of grass to the tippy tall trees that surround the farm each image perfectly frames the giddy love of Allison & Seung and I feel swoony right along with them!


*All Photographs by Kendra Elise Photography