Chic With A Spicy Side Wedding Hair -The Bridal Faux Hawk Tutorial

There are times when you see something and you just know you have to own it, wear it, go there, or style like it, for us, the Faux Hawk was one of those things.  When Eden and I met to work out a game plan, we were so excited to put our own twist on the style and show how such a fierce look could work for something typically considered softer and more romantic like weddings.  Wedding hair can be a wildly fun world if you just let down your guard, Eden’s take on the bridal faux hair proving exactly that.  Equal parts chic & sophisticated, along with a solid spot of edgy rock & roll, the faux hawk is a playful balance of the to worlds.

Bridal Faux Hawk Eden Di Bianco Melissa Kruse Photography

If thinking about an updo for your wedding gives you flashbacks of the senior prom with the accompanying flop sweat, try stepping outside of the box and trying this edgy yet relaxed faux hawk braid instead. Braids are super on trend right now, and the best part about this look is that it can be dressed up or down with flowers or decorative pins or combs or some tweaks to the texture.

Bridal Faux Hawk Tutorial Materials Needed

Materials Needed:
Bobby pins
Hair elastic
Mermaid Mist Volume & Texture Salt Spray or spray dry shampoo
Tail comb for sectioning
Optional: Mid sized curling or crimping iron

Preparation for very straight or fine hair:
Curl or crimp hair before starting step 1 for additional volume and texture like I did here with Laurel’s hair. The texture of this look works best on second or even third day hair; if it’s too clean it will slip right out.

Step 1: Spray entire head of hair with texturizing spray and scrunch lightly to activate texture. Dry shampoo works ok but I find the texture can be a bit “clumpy” or sticky, so I prefer my trusty Mermaid Mist Volume & Texture Salt Spray. Lightly finger comb through the hair to separate any tangles or use the tail of your sectioning comb.

Bridal Faux Hawk Step 2

Step 2: The base of this look is a French or Dutch braid. They are very similar, but a French braid lays flat whereas a Dutch braid has a raised effect to it, so I am using a Dutch braid for this tutorial.  To start this braid, create a rectangular section on the top of the head from eyebrow to eyebrow and then section off the sides of your generic cialis india hair in front of your ears. Allow these pieces to fall freely or clip them out of the way if it’s easier.

Create 3 even sections starting at the front hairline. You will be working back and drawing hair to add to the main 3 sections solely from the abundance of hair from the center of the head, so don’t worry about those side pieces, they will come in handy later.  Weaving the left section UNDER the center section, making it the new center. Without adding any hair to any of the sections, now cross the left strand under the center strand. Continue this pattern without adding hair for two-three passes to establish an anchor for the braid.

Bridal Faux Hawk Step 3a

Bridal Faux Hawk Step 3b

Step 3: Start adding hair to each of the side sections {3a} as you continue working down the back of the head {3b}


Bridal Faux Hawk Step 4

Step 4: When you get near the nape of the neck, grab the front sections that you left loose and start incorporating these pieces into the main braid.


Bridal Faux Hawk Step 5

Step 5: Braid to the end of the hair and secure with an elastic.


Bridal Faux Hawk Step 6

Step 6: Now you can go back and loosen the plaits to create a looser texture.


Bridal Faux Hawk Step 7a

Step 7a: Tuck the end of the braid underneath and pin.

Bridal Faux Hawk Step 7b Bridal Faux Hawk Step 7c

Step 7b&c: Secure the style {as well as the sides of the hair for a tighter look} with pins by crossing them into an “X” formation along the length of the braid underneath, into the sections, and anywhere you feel the style needs more security.


Bridal Faux Hawk Step 8

Step 8: With the pins in place, you can continue to fluff or move the braid as needed.  Remember, you can basically tweak anything to look as you like with a few pins!

et voilà!

Bridal Faux Hawk Eden Di Bianco Melissa Kruse Photography final

Ready to view the full Bridal Faux Hawk Wedding story?!  Good things come to those who wait, like this weekend for example!  Check back for some Sunday Treasure!


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