Why It Works Wednesday: Suspended Centerpieces & Hanging Decor

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

One of the newer wedding trends, though I am pretty sure they’ve been around its just that they are becoming popular again, which I could not possibly crush any hard on, is suspended centerpieces and hanging wedding decor. Seriously I am mad about it and I love to see each new creative take, use of blooms, elements to mix in, hang from, you name it. We definitely come from a world where centerpieces typically have their feet firmly planted on the ground, I for one am thankful for this injection of newness.

Hanging glass wedding decorWhy it is exactly that we are so captivated by these suspended centerpieces actually isn’t that hard to figure out. In my opinion it’s two fold. With anything suspended there is an immediate sense of whimsy. By hanging anything from blooms to frames to wheels, we remove all the elements that tie us to the ground and allow a certain kind of magic to take over, think Pan’s Labyrinth minus the weird shit…. Or maybe keep some of the weird stuff…. You get my point.

Secondly, and this is really just an off shoot of the first in truth, we just don’t see things suspended all too often in life. If we do encounter something suspended its typically an art installation, and there by the association elevates, pun intended I suppose. Therefore encountering hanging decor is an instant eye catch and conversation point. Whimsy, magic, romance, levity and joy encompass each installation. To say they work would be an understatement, they work damn well. The art of suspended centerpieces lays in the elements as well as at the hand of the designer, tweaking each to suit literally any given wedding, which is also a part of their allure. I’ve assembled a gallery of some of my favorites to share and get you inspired!


Suspended Centerpiec Peachy_Keen_Atlanta_Wedding_Julie_Vaughn_Designs_Jason_Hales_Photography Hanging Floral Centerpiece Project Wedding

{Storyboard Wedding, Project Wedding}

Floating swing suspended centerpiece 100 layer cake Hanging Floral Centerpiece Tented Wedding Wedding Lovely Jasmine Jade

{100 Layer Cake , Wedding Lovely}  

Suspended branch centerpieces marigold and mint


{Marigold and Mint} 

Suspended Centerpieces The Not Wedding Atlanta Rustic White Photography Ruffled Geometeric Hanging wedding decor Jessica Cooper Photography Ruffled


{Ruffled, Ruffled}  

Suspended centerpiece with hanging florals Cecilia Fox Specializing in Candid Wedding Photography

{Cecila Fox, Unknown} 

Suspended Centerpieces Modern New Children's Museum SheWanders Ruffled White & Green Outdoor garden wedding suspended centerpieces

{Ruffled, Unknown}