Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

In today’s Why It Works Wednesday we aren’t focusing on just one great element of design, we’re spreading the love highlighting a smattering of some of my favorite elements of wedding decor that have been floating about that are completely prime to take off into the wedding trend stratosphere, they just don’t know it yet!  We’ve got elements of whimsy, bold colors, things that shine & decor that can transcend into a multitude of wedding themes!


Glamping As A Cool Lounge Area

Outdoor Glamping Tent Teepee inspired outdoor tent

{Four Walls & A Roof, Style Me Pretty}

Outdoor tents play on our childhood whimsy & simple joy from within.  When we elevate them with great fabric, cool structure & unique elements around them, we bring something that might be considered only for roughing it and turn it into a place that I guarantee your guests will clamer around to hang out in before anything else!


Wrapped In String

String Wrapped Elements

String Wrapped Elements 3 String Wrapped Elements 1

{Ruffled, Megan GecklerWedding Chicks}

Believe it or not, a simple element like string can turn something ordinary, into extraordinary!  Strings & yarns come in a wide wonderful variety of colors that can become an utterly unstoppable force transforming anything you put it on. Whether you’re going for a linear structured look with clean straight lines or going for more of a boho messy wrap look, with the right color combo, the right styling, you can turn just about any element into something gorgeous!


Down With Feathers

Pocket Full of Feathers Polka Dot Feathers

{Style Me Pretty, Rebecca Thuss}

Feathers have been around for some time, but where they are becoming hot again is in their uniqueness.  Interesting patterns, both found in nature & man made, are being exulted as intriguing elements of design.  Whether its an bold pattern or an fun way of presenting them, feathers are creeping back onto our radar posed to strike!


Decor By Nature

Twig Decor Twig Decor 1

{Flickr, Natty Michelle}

Nature is the ultimate decor aid, just about everything she creates, in the right hands, can be wielded into pretty amazing decor.  Twigs are making their presence known of late, lending themselves to everything from simple abstract pieces to whimsical delights like bows!  No matter how you cut it, twigs are the ultimate DIY and easy on the budget!


Metal Table Numbers

Metal Numbers 1

Metal Numbers

{Green Wedding Shoes, Storyboard Wedding}

Clean, simple, sleek and to the point.  Metal table numbers don’t require a lot of fluffy talk to their accolades, they’re here to do work and work they do!  Metal naturally lends itself to a more modern touch however the beauty of these table numbers is that they take on the environment around them.  The true chameleons of the bunch, metal table numbers easily fit into any wedding and they do all the heavy lifting!


Mossy Goodness

Moss In A Bottle Moss Bed Card Display

{Mazel Moments, Storyboard Wedding}

Another of nature’s fine gifts, moss is a unique creature that instantly brings mother nature to the party.  This unique spongy entity has a real magical touch inherently, a bit of a mystical world element that is finding its way into the wedding main stream. Whether used as table runners, gifts for the guests or as bedding, moss is a beautiful and unique way to bring a bit of fantasy to any fete.


Gilded Golden Animals

gilded golden animals gilded golden animals 1

{Storyboard Wedding, Uncovet}

Naturally found with a golden hue or lightly spray painted to bring on the shine, gilded animals are taking the wedding world by storm.  Whimsy is on a high when animals are invited to the party and we challenge guests not to smile when they see these delightful guys greeting them!  From showing people to their seats or simply putting on a show for the sake of fun decor, animals are working hard to be a part of the party too!


Balloon Chic

Chich Balloons 1 Chich Balloons

{Unknown, Yours Truly}

Balloons are nothing new but its the type of balloon and what we do with them that is making it count this time around!  Balloons have found a way to elevate themselves {pun intended!} now a days working with more sophisticated colors, designs & styles like these simple yet chic black & white stripes!  Even the standard balloon is getting in on the action thanks to fancy writing in eye catching colors.  Don’t count this old favorite out, as you can see there is plenty of life yet in these balloons!


Painted Wood

Painted Wood 1 Painted Wood

{Free People, Neon Lumberjack}

Perhaps my personal favorite, painted  wood takes color blocking to a whole new level.  Be it found wood branches or freshly cut fire wood, the possibilities and combinations of painting styles are endless.  Woody brown naturally lends itself to being super friendly with just about every color under the rainbow, no matter its intensity, making it great to work with.  These true decor champions can venture into any part of the day starting from the ceremony all the way down to last call.  Pop some intrigue &  flash into your day with unique painted wood!

There is only one thing left to ask, which is your favorite?!?!

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