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Why It Works Wednesday: Bohemian Inspired Suspended Frames In A Ceremony Backdrop

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

From the looks of things on Pinterest of late, there is a serious sugar craving going on for ceremony backdrops that defy traditional setups in place of the more unique, creative & awe inspiring.  Personally I adore the idea of not just unique ceremony locations but an intriguing collection of elements to craft your very own signature look.  I really feel that creativity in weddings is reaching a gorgeous design crescendo of late with seemingly nothing off limits.  Vintage doors, window frames, books, lanterns, bicycles, ribbon, garlands, pinwheels, you name it, are just a few elements that have taken to decorating the ‘I do’ spot these days.  I wish this was something that was making such waves only a few short years ago, as I certainly would have loved to have gone this route myself!

Such wonderfully creative and at times innovative ceremony backdrops are the subject of this weeks Why It Works Wednesday!  I recently spotted a gorgeous gem of a backdrop on Ruffled {Which I realize last week’s WIWW also came from Ruffled!}, photographed by the amazing One Love Photowith a strong bohemian vibe to the set up.  There are so many absolutely terrific elements to this ceremony spot, I am super eager to jump into things and bring to life why this wondrous installation works so well!  Let’s get to it shall we!

Bohemian Suspended Wood Picture Frame Ceremony Backdrop One Love Photo *Photograph by One Love Photo

Sorry for the giganto photo, but I felt it was really important to view this suspended picture frame backdrop in its full glory, as large as the site will allow, so that you can properly take in the full effect!  Upon first glance it may seem like a very busy backdrop {this is not always a negative!} in truth there really are only 3 pure elements being played with here: picture frames, floral arrangements & string.  The first that we will discuss, and most certainly the focal point of the design are the frames.  Keeping with the current trend in weddings to mix-match, each frame is uniquely its own, with none repeating.  The key here is to pick small details that relate them to each other well enough to present a harmonious aesthetic overall.  Be it a style of craving, a detail within the pattern itself you name it. While design elements are indeed a part of why each frame was chosen, if you look back at the set up again, you’ll notice that each frame’s color is a beautiful tone, which also compliments its nearest neighbor.  Last but not least, to keep the flow of the design, each frame is its own size while the shape is kept the same, again an element that ties them together in their uniqueness.  Varying the frame’s in the size department keeps it fresh and interesting, each with its own reason to be looked at.

Each frame comes with its very own slightly mix-matched floral arrangement, each pinned on a different corner of the frame.  Here again repeaters, while unavoidable all together with only 4 corners to choose from, were kept to a minimum, keeping the visual as interesting as possible.  The blooms themselves are bold colors in striking orange, loud fuchsia, & pale purple.  These color demanding focal pieces stand out strongly against the darker wood and deep green of the surrounding area.  Notice how each arrangement as well, contains leafy stringy greens which serve to make each arrangement more abstract and unusual.  This design serves to connect with a more organic feel, how one could imagine they might be found in nature, as well as supplying a lovely air of whimsy!

The last element to the design is perhaps my favorite!  I am utterly in love how the strings were treated as a piece of the design versus something to be hidden and tucked away.  The beauty of the stringing job in this case is the angle at which they were hung.  Rather then boring ol’straight up stringing, each was tied closer together then the width of the frame creating an intricate lattice work in the open air above the frames.  The overall effect is something that is playful, light and airy.

I adore this backdrop and personally feel that even though it might feel very bohemian, in my opinion it easily translates to just about every wedding genre & theme.  The basic principles of great design, organic goodness & whimsy will carry over beautifully no matter what!  I highly encourage you to head over to Ruffled to view the full post on this wedding, as there are lots of lovely little elements of this wedding to enjoy!

Wedding Location: Seattle, WA / Wedding Photographer: one love photo / Venue: Robinswood House / Wedding Flowers: Ravenna Blooms / Wedding Dress: Milly from Nordstrom Wedding Suite / Bride’s Shoes:Joan and David / Hair and Makeup: Off White / Hair Accessory: Bride’s mother / Bridesmaids’ Dresses:Nordstrom / Groom’s Apparel: Tux Shop / Wedding Caterer: 12 Baskets Catering / Cake and Desserts: The Sweet Side Cake and Pies Alamode / Music: Sonny Byers and Jazz Trio (friend of Bride) / Wedding Favors:JonBoy Caramels