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Why It Works Wednesday: The Bohemian Outdoor Palette Lounge

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

Not to long ago, Green Wedding Shoes featured a pretty amazing anniversary session in South Africa shoot by Adene Photography with a guest appearance by a…. cheetah!  Now I could go on forever about why I think cheetahs are awesome, but alas, they are not the center focus of today’s design breakdown.  The styling for the shoot as a whole {largely directed by Anli Wahl Flowers & Event Styling}, from fashion to floral to decor, is a complete knockout and honestly I could talk about the entire thing, however there is one particular area that I really wanted to zero in on, the amazingly cool floral canopied palette lounge set up.  I see outdoor lounge areas crafted all the time with various unique elements, but there is a certain something about this particular setup that is a bit otherworldly & wildly enchanting!

South Africian outdoor palette lounge area Adene Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

*Photograph by Adene Photography 

Starting from the bottom up, this palette lounge consists of, I am guessing, 4 palettes, double deckered & stacked side by side to create a flat bed for the mattress.   The reason for the double stacking of the palette is easy enough, height & allure.  By doubling down on the palettes, anything raised closer to our eye becomes more attention getting, not to mention the practical side of it simply being easier to lower down to.  After the palettes comes the mattress, nothing to noteworthy going on here with the exception of talking for a moment about how it is a simple rustic looking mattress, the perfect choice for its surroundings & a solid design cue from the rough & tumble palette wood.  A prim & proper well put together crisp edge looking mattress would not have had the same effect.

Next up on our list is 1 of 2 focal points within the design as a whole, the rich earthy world print pillows & runner.  Naturally a style such as these world print pillows are a bridge to the couple’s literal surroundings at the moment, however they also serve as a tone setter.  The lush mix of bold prints, each in their own right purposely faded, together work to invoke a true bohemian Mother Earth feel, something that is grounded & real.  By assembling the pillows as they have, they have taken a flat uneventful mattress top and transported it into a soft cushy oasis, something that just about anyone would desire to plop down into and watch time go by!

The last piece of the puzzle is a biggie, the beyond gorgeous floral canopy that is sweetly swaying in the wind!  The explosion of  roses, protea, succulents & mixed long leaf greens is quite the piece of intrigue, non?!  Fixed to just the right height, the team erected a canopy like structure upon which this lattice work of blooms was created serving not only to please visually but to also create the illusion of secreted covered special space.  Without some from of structure of this nature, the palette bed would have felt naked & exposed.  The framing of the palette bed is the piece that drives it all home.  While the floral canopy is large in stature its important to note that it is only just loud enough, balancing in perfect harmony with the intrigue of the bed.  To create a bed too big, or canopy too small, an unrest would have occurred, creating a space far less inviting & appealing.

There is a certain specialness to unique outdoor spaces.  When we see something created that doesnt typically belong or was not there yesterday, there is an intense desire to discover the area & claim it as ones own.  By creating unique seating areas withing an event space, you create flow of movement {people strolling to check things out}, spark conversation starters, & give your guests a refreshing area to relax & feel that much more at ease to enjoy their time!