Why It Works Wednesday: Casual Chic Tree Mounted Escort Card Display

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

One of my favorite things to always be on the lookout for are the creative ways that people direct guests to their seats.  I keep a coveted board devoted to these creative feats of whimsy called Find Your Seat on Pinterest.  I’ll be completely honest with you now, when I get a wedding submission & get to the escort card part of the day only to see fold over cards with names printed on them just sitting on a table, its feels like a big ‘wah wah’. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that not everyone feels that escort cards are worth their planning time or even creative juices, but there are such lovely things that can be done with just the smallest bit of effort, it really is worth it!  Naturally there are all kinds of over the top, ultra involved ways to present guests with their seating arrangements as well, but those styles are not always for everyone.  I came across a gorgeous escort card display from a real wedding on Style Me Pretty and I am in love with it, its the perfect example of how a small bit of forethought can be powerful.  Its chic, its organic feeling, & at the root, simple.

Tree Mounted Board Escort Cards via SMP Munster Rose Geneoh Photography *Photograph by Geneoh Photography, Design by Munster Rose 

Are you loving this as much as I am?! Please say you are!  At first glance it might feel like there is a lot going on here, but in truth, its only a few simple, smartly chosen elements.  A wood board, screw in hooks, twine for hanging, escort cards & greens.  Its important to realize that such a lovely display is created by only using a few things.  Couple’s often get discouraged when it comes to their decorating duties because it can seem overwhelming.  When you’re able to step back and break a project down, you begin to see just how easy certain elements actually are to put together.  Trust me, while top vendors are able to put together stunning displays that look like each element has 50 different pieces at play, vendors try to keep their lives just as a simple as any couple, putting themselves into a position to deliver with the least amount of crazy surrounding a project.  The moral here is just dont assume that a project is out of your realm because you feel a designer was able to pull something off because of their team.  90% of the time, most florists, stylists etc are a team of 1-3, most often just one!

So why is this display such a beauty?  First and foremost, the colors….  so wonderfully fresh, earthy & rich.  The key element that truly makes this work might sound silly, but I am very serious.  The most striking element to the entire display is the board, it is as striking as it is because it is wonderfully clean and blemish free, just a pure piece of freshly cut wood which gives us that creamy light beige tone.  Screwed into the board are small gold hooks which hold each of our escort cards.  These escort cards could be smartly chosen craft paper, or even thin slices of  pressed wood.  The intrigue here is that by presenting the cards on hooks such as these, the cards are able to slightly move & sway in the wind, giving a real natural feel, providing a bit of whimsy!  The board is hung by raw twine, which is a lovely choice as it mimics the tonality of the board.  Naturally tree choice is a factor here and Munster Rose hit the jackpot with such a gorgeous twin trunk tree to hang such a long board from!  The last piece of the puzzle is the mix of fresh greens wound together in a loose fashion drifting in the back of the presentation as well as flirting with the front at times! The greenery not only serves as an injection of fresh color but also works as a frame for the lovely display.

There is a gorgeous chic feel to the display overall, something that pulls a real earthy feel that I adore.  While the display itself is large, the elements to make it work are not that involved.  As a fun alternative to the use of paper or wood for the escort cards, I think the idea of macarons would be amazing!   Either rejigger the board for a more flat display or use a gum paste for an elevated sign like the above.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on escort cards, do you love the idea of getting creative with them or feel they simply arent that important.