Why It Works Wednesday: Dressed Up Casual Groomsmen

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

If you ask me, men dont get their fair shake of attention in the wedding world.  To be honest however, I think its really only recently that the male half of things has started showing a real interest beyond the ol’just tell me when & where to show up, stereotype.  I want to start to make that right and as such am throwing the men into the mix in my Why It Works Wednesday series.  As I combed through my Pinterest board ‘The Men’ I came upon a look, photographed by Braedon Flynn Photography via The Wedding Party App, that I adored.  The look is 2 parts chic & 1 part juuuust right comfy, in other words, dress up casual!

Mix Matched Dressed Up Casual Groomsmen Braedon Flynn Photography via Wedding Party App *Photograph by Braedon Flynn Photography 

Call this look hipster, call it indie, hell toss in a thought of rockabilly, call it whatever you want, but I promise you, these guys were A.OK. with what they had to wear.  Naturally, as  The Wedding Party App points out, the men can mix match too and that is actually a large part of why this look overall is so great.  A few rules:

Dark Blue Jeans… long enough to roll up
Muted Light Hue Shirts…. preferably jean to rock a version of a Canadian tuxedo
Skinny Tie or Bowtie…. whatever fits your style
Blazers, Cardies or Suspenders…. Dealers Choice.

While these are the hard and fast rules, there are 2 other essential elements that help to pull this look together, hue & texture.  Judging by the overall tones the men are working with, I am pretty confident that we can file this one under early fall.  While the jeans & shirts offer us a constant, its the extras that give us the personality & true palette.  Butter yellow, olive green, maybe a sprig of burgundy…. combine that with the deep indigo hues of the jeans & what you have is a recipe for early fall.  The actual selection of color is pretty paramount here, no one color more vibrant or strong then any other as well as no real color that doesnt fit or stand out in a negative way.  When mix matching its all about color harmony & whether or not the guys stayed up all night trying on hundreds of outfits or just threw on what was closest on the floor when they got up, they nailed it!

The other element is texture and these guys are not afraid of it. Each person has at least one item that showcases some element of texture within. Texture comes in the form of the material used to create a garment. In this case things like the sweater material, the pulled ombre style cotton to make the shirts, even the almost tweed like jackets.  Texture is a tactical sense but it is also very visual and these heavier type textures are also another clue to the season.  The mix of similar designs pulls everything together into one tidy package that makes for some pretty gorg looking groomsmen, amiright?!

The look works because of how well its been assembled just as much as how well it suits the guys as well.  I never really understood those that take on a completely different style for their wedding day.  If your style is more casual, find a way, much like these guys, to embrace that while dressing up.  The choice of the dark blue jeans mimics that of slacks, the look of ties & blazers easily carries over to a more business/party type look.  It also bares note that each garment is crisp & fresh, nothing looking tired and overly worn through.  That freshness is key as well, especially for something like a wedding or event!  Each groomsmen was able to select an ensemble that reflected their tastes within the guidelines & as such the hot for teacher college professor wedding look is born!