Why It Works Wednesday: Fall Wedding Ankle Booties To Keep Your Feet Warm & Gorgeous

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

This past Friday I had a bit of a small procedure done, nothing too serious, however recovery seems to be a bit rougher then I had anticipated, so today’s Why It Works will be a bit different and less….windy!  Anyone that knows me knows I am a shoe girl, like madly in love with shoes, shoe girl.  To the point that the hubs once tried to institute some crazy for every 2-3 pairs that come in, one pair goes out rule, hahaha, riiiiiiight.  Needless to say that didnt fly in my world….

As much as I hate to admit it, fall is just around the corner ready to focus its cool weather, warm sun beams right onto the fall brides!  Fall and winter brides have a bit more of a delicate task when preparing for their day, taking into consideration the temperature and necessities like wraps, camis,  and the like, looking for ways to stay warm.  There is another area a gal can offer herself a bit of extra warmth in the form of some pretty amazing footwear!  Booties, ankle booties, aka shoes that either kisses, or very slightly cover up to the ankle.  There are some really terrific styles out there that are completely drool worthy that would be amazing on our fall brides!  I love the idea of a bootie for a wedding and let me tell you why!   For starters booties are different in a really wonderful way.  We get too caught up in standard pumps or strappy heels.  Booties are unique and have a personality all their own!  Booties are typically {of course not always} easier to walk in and for a lot of girls thats a BIG plus!  There is a certain power to the bootie, whether they have more of a strappy vibe or go full solid, they give off a real strength & security in their appearance.  I’ve put together a small collection to get your wedding shoe juices flowing running  the gamete from pale neutrals to bold peacock blues!


Clockwise {From 12 O’clock Position}
Brian Atwood~Langden Stretch Cage Sandal | Christian Louboutin~Colzippe Ankle Boots | Christian Louboutin~Diptic 100mm | Jimmy Choo~’Legend’ SandalJimmy Choo~100mm Fauna Suede & Lace Open Toe BootsChristian Louboutin~Karina Caged Red-Sole Ankle BootieTabitha Simmons~Bailey Crystal-Covered Lace-Up Sandal | Alexandre Birman~Suede/Python Ring Cage Sandal | Jimmy Choo~Bolt Painted Python Peep-Toe Bootie

Now I am also not going to play pretend here, like the gal who immediately is drawn to the splurge over the steal, EVERYTIME, I dont often make selections based on their thriftiness first, if you know what I mean.  So please dont yell at me if you fall for a shoe and its rather $$$, it happens to me all the time and as much as I hate to say it, sometimes you just have to walk away.  There are cases however, when making the splurge IS the right decision and I honestly cant think of a better reason then wedding shoes!

Ok confession time guys…..I have a bit of a beef about this actually.  I feel that the shoes gals wear for their big day are often nothing more then throwaways.  Its almost like the attitude is well they’ll be under my dress, its NBD, so I’ll just grab this cheap pair because they are OK.  I beg to differ my friends!!  Not only are the shoes that you wear important, they are a part of your complete wedding day look, and believe me, they are indeed seen.  Not only are they seen throughout your wedding day, your photographer is going to photograph them because they ARE a part of your full experience, they are a detail, a piece of the puzzle.  I am not saying you should get great shoes just because they are going to be photographed, but I am trying to impress upon you that they are more then just regular ol’everyday shoes.  I realize that budget is a big issue for everyone,  and often shoes are put by the wayside for this reason, but hear me out!  You’re spending a fairly hefty amount for a dress, food, decor,  flowers, etc….. pretty much all of which you can never use again after your wedding day.  You know what you CAN use again after your big day??  Your accessories!  Shoes, jewelry, purse, etc are items from your wedding day that can all be repeated endlessly!  A $350 pair of heels {which can be worn for years possibly!} is looking a lot smarter right now then your $2000 wedding dress {which is a one off} amiright?!

So I am dying to know, which are your favorites!?  Do you prefer the more strappy look or falling for the solid guys?  I am loving the lace versions too, so many wonderful ways to go!  What are your thoughts on rocking a bootie for the big day vs more traditional footwear?

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