Why It Works Wednesday: Flapper Inspired Art Deco Wedding Cake A La Gatsby

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

I am feeling a bit Marie Antoinette this morning, so cake we shall have!  I am not even going to be bashful about it, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth so when it comes time for cake tastings, desserts, or the not so occasional cupcake craving…..well… just steer clear of me, that’s all I am going to say!  But in all seriousness, sweets are such a wonderful part of the wedding process and a truly epic place for design!

For today’s WIWW feature, I have chosen a Great Gatsby {might as well embrace the current trend!} inspired cake that comes to us from SBW friend, Style Unveiled.  Now if you don’t already know of her {I find this pretty much impossible!} most certainly carve out some time in the very near future to get to know her and her delicious site which is filled with tremendous amounts of pretty, inspiration, and everything in between.  Everything she selects to feature is beautifully styled & perfectly on trend.  You’re welcome ahead of time!

Ok so back to our Gatsby cake.  To view Styled Unveiled’s sneak peek post on the cake,  Click Here and for the full write up on the Gatsby inspired wedding, Click Here.  What makes this gorgeous cake work so well, isn’t as much about texture {though always a key player!}, color & a beautiful mix of media, but design itself.  Specifically how Paola Cake Atelier was able to whip literal art deco design elements into cake form.  The overall effect is a stunning art deco cake that is perfectly on trend with the roaring 20’s!

Great Gatsby Wedding Cake via Style Unveiled Jamilah Photography *Photograph by Jamilah Photography

There are two major attention grabbing elements at play here, both of which echo that of art deco design.  Working from the bottom up, our base layer is given the rhinestone chevron treatment in impressive symmetry relaying a very classic art deco design from back in the day.  The sharp lines & crisp angles are very much inline with the elements used in the 1920’s,  often immortalized in the florish of buildings created around that time.  It is a hallmark of the art deco era and an unmistakable fingerprint.  Whether these sparkling gems are edible or not, I can not say, but if I know my bakers, these crafty wizards can make just about anything edible, so my money is on yes!

The show piece layer of the cake is indeed a stunner, playing handily into a look often seen in the brooch headpiece many flappers would wear in the roaring 20’s.  Perfectly designed & expertly made, this band layer utilizes not only fondant carving to mimic fabric but hand crafted detailing that, piece by piece, assembles into that of an art deco brooch.  Ovals, tear drops, even more rhinestones come together to create a show piece element that is a gorgeous piece of jewelry all its own.

When viewed together, these two layers resemble that of an outfit a flapper may wear, a sequined chevron dress with jeweled headpiece, dont you think!?  The overall design is terribly clever and I would be remiss if I did not point out that the finishing elements of the softly beaded pearl dots & simple 2 row rhinestone base layer are the the perfect accoutrements to such terrific design work.  Poignant and beautifully understated exactly as they ought to be.  Likewise the choice of cake stand is incredibly brilliant, here again, echoing the art deco style.

I really encourage you to head over to check out Style Unveiled’s Full Post on their Gatsby Inspired Wedding.  There are so many terrific elements that your  little fingers are going to get tired from all the pinning!  So do tell me, which are your favorite elements of this beautiful cake?  Are you a chevron fan or do you fancy more complex patterns?  Gatsby certainly has a strong hold on design at the moment, are you a fan of all things Great and Gatsby like?!

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Wedding CakePaola Cake Atelier | VenueVizcaya Museum & Gardens | PhotographerJamilah Photography