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I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the ceremony setup and design is one of the more intricate and meaningful pieces of the day and it’s sadly often put by the way side.  In the name of budget or the desire to have one less item to cross off our list, all to often not much is done and we eagerly skip to the next part of the wedding for stylish focus.

The reality is that there are a multitude of touches that can be put together to utterly transform a space. Naturally there are venues not all that accommodating to decor but such is life, however with a little thought there is always a way. This dreamy ceremony space featured on Ruffled shot by Sloan Photographers is a beautiful example of what just a few key touches can do to make a raw space, simple luxury.

Minimalist Chic Ceremony Ruffled Sloan Photographers

 *All Photographs by Sloan Photographers via Ruffled

To start off with this raw space has great bones in the form of exposed brick, hard wood flooring, and bare beam ceiling… sets the stage, non?!  A simple yet wonderfully elegant aisle is crafted by a mix of fabric side chair seating & benches in a natural wood tone. The choice of raw finished wood chairs and benches is superb as it perfectly plays off the industrial like interior of the surroundings. To finish the look, tall glass encased candles light the way with a mix of white blooms along with everyone’s favorite succulents, placed periodically bringing it all together. It’s a simple touch but powerful all the same.

Minimalist Chic Ceremony Ruffled Sloan Photographers 3

The beauty to a vaulted space such as this one is the beam work, which depending one the venue, will allow you to use it as a place to string decor from.  Complimenting the softly lite aisle are a few select chandeliers that punctuate the journey down the aisle.  Whether or not the space already had these installed or they were rentals for the day, I can not say, the effect nonetheless, is wonderfully enchanting, resulting in  a truly luxurious feel.  To play off the suspended lights are glass bubbles hang  sporadically through out, bringing a bit of whimsy and visual appeal, by playing with the open space and varying levels in terms of height.

The unity of the bloom & candle lite aisle mixed with the arrow straight chandelier alignment work to draw our attention directly to where the area of main focus should be, the couple!  Naturally aisles do this to beginning with, it is however the addition of the over head trail that drives it home. The period to our sentence is a wonderfully over-sized mirror serving as the ceremony backdrop. The mirror is a uniquely clever touch, reflecting light in all directions, creating a lighter, brighter, more airy space overall.  In addition, having a mirror serves as a backdrop offers guests a not often seen perspective  of the proceedings from a face front point of view.  This perspective also offers the guests a much more open feel to the ceremony itself, having the opportunity to truly watch the emotions as they unfold.  I would also imagine Sloan Photographers had to be a bit more stealthy then usual while shooting this ceremony due to the mirror!

Minimalist Chic Ceremony Ruffled Sloan Photographers 1 Minimalist Chic Ceremony Ruffled Sloan Photographers 2

In reality, there are only a few elements put together to pull off this gorgeous look. The key is in choice pieces that can do all the heavy lifting, almost statement pieces in a way.  While venue restrictions can be suffocating inspirationally, try to take a step back and consider what kinds of elements that you can work with that will have the greatest impact.  It is easy to get caught up pinning 100’s of ideas that you love and feel the weight of so many things to do to accomplish all these different looks.  The path of least resistance might be applied in such a case, pick statement decor pieces that articulate the look & feel you want to achieve and run with it.  Accompany these statement pieces with small touches that are end quote details, the little things that bring it all together.  Dreamy ceremony spaces can come together, selection is key and a bit of creativity to inspire you!