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Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

I don’t know about you guys but I am one foot in the autumn water and one foot, ‘wait I’m not quite ready yet!’  Regardless of whether or not my body is ready to feel nature’s chill, my eyes are certainly ready for the change of pace that comes along with fall in the form of new colors & design!  The hues tend to deepen, become richer more saturated.  The florals evolve from fluffy cloud like to the more abstract & diverse.  A back to school vibe rings a literary feel, while earthy elements remind us of a great harvest,  reaping our bounty from its soils.

A few days ago I came across a wonderful fall designed tablescape from Every Last Detail that focuses on the earth giving side to the fall season.  With Robin Nathan Photography at the helm, Estoria Social and Foxgloves & Ivy Floral Design Studio worked their magic putting the table together.   Bucking typical traditional design fare, the team worked with cranberries, vintage volumes, dried wheats, & beautifully aged patina silverware to name just a few things in their arsenal.  For me, the true beauty in their design, and most certainly the reason Why It Works…. is in its simplicity!

Rustic Fall Table Setting Robin Nathan Photography via Every Last Detail 6 Rustic Fall Table Setting Robin Nathan Photography via Every Last Detail 2

As I mentioned above, there is a wonderfully strong earthy vibe to the setting.  Starting with the runner, a natural fabric {complete with its own beautiful imperfections} was chosen injecting a subtle tonal offering of a deeper beige while giving a feel of something that would have been created by hand back in the day.  Mixed match china was selected displaying various forms of gentle floral patterns, very much something out of what one might find in their favorite grandma’s cabinet.  The light floral pattern & waved shape to the plates offer a softer side, a more feminine touch to balance the inherent masculinity that comes with fall derived items.  Accompanying the vintage plates is some vintage silverware which has been allowed to patina over time taking one a whole new form of beauty & prestige.  The ever so simple act of tying together the fork & spoon with twine not only gives something visually interesting to look at but another earth derive element that ties us back to the harvest feel.

A truly fun part of decorating for the fall season is the creativity one can express working with the more unusual or at very least non-typical.  Foxgloves & Ivy Floral Design Studio worked some real harvest magic here, opting to creating florals in the form of dried wheat along with a few choice petite blooms, also dried.  A collection of vintage tins and canisters were used to tie together the rustic vintage feel while a few more current elements like deep berry hydrangea & leafy green stems greeted guests.  The introduction of a few ‘live’ stems to the table keeps things from looking too dried up, to crisp and over preserved.  Another wonderfully fun element to fall are cranberries and in the right hands,  the perfect decorative element.  Whether you’re simply filling a bowl with them or stringing them together, cranberries are a sweet deep pop of red that reminds us of the treats that nature can bear our way!

Rustic Fall Table Setting Robin Nathan Photography via Every Last Detail 1 Rustic Fall Table Setting Robin Nathan Photography via Every Last Detail 5

While I adore the earthy elements, and am swooning over the rustic vintage vibe, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight my favorite element of all, the doughnut centerpiece!  My dear friends, did you realize that these tasty treats that we enjoy in our bellies as much as with our eyes can make for a wonderful decorative element too?!  They sure can!  Now mind you I am not suggesting that you plop down a 4 tier cake onto the table and call it a centerpiece, but what I am saying is with the right kind of delectable tasties, styled in just the right fashion, desserts can serve as the perfect, unexpected, piece to the design puzzle!  These scrumptious old fashion doughnuts steal the show, piled high & ready for devouring, you simply can’t get more rustic awesome then these lil guys!

The secret is in the simplicity and earthy goodness.  Using elements that are pure, direct from nature which allow you to create your own harvest of sorts.  Utilizing natural fabrics help to bring together a rustic earthy vibe while vintage materials truly drive the feeling home.  Dont be afraid to decorate with elements one might not think of, something like a cranberry.  As long as you tie different vibes together, the rules are truly open to your creative interpretation.  How much are you loving this wonderful rustic table setting complete with vintage elements?  I am loving the collection of tins!  Are you a fan of the dessert centerpiece too?  Be sure to head over to Every Last Detail to check out the full feature and as always, send in your finds and I will be happy to break down why they work!

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Photographer: Robin Nathan Photography / Event Design: Estoria Social / Floral Design: Foxgloves & Ivy Floral Design Studio / Rentals: Four Inch Fold Vintage Rentals / Cake: The Atlanta Cupcake Factory / Catering and Desserts: Wicked Pies / Catering and Desserts: Irwin Street Market / Etsy Designer: Luv2create2