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If there is one thing that Pinterest has done, its provided us with a place to review set up and design that is utterly and completely dream worthy.  So often we are captivated by ideas that we never knew we liked, never knew we needed, never knew we simply  had to have them.  Then we saw them and thought, Oh My God, how the hell  have I lived so long without it.  Sometimes, its almost like these design savants have taught us how to dream, yes it sounds dramatic, but if we are honest with ourselves, its really that true.

So what on earth am I waxing on endlessly about anyway?  There is a slight trend, a way of doing something if you will, that when I saw it from the first time, I had that pure, OMG how did I not know of this myself moment….  Suspended Tables.  Yup, the stuff my weird dreams are made of apparently!  Suspended what?  Now the conventional idea of a table is naturally that of something 4 legs working as a support structure, you know to hold it up, so where does the suspension part come into play then?  Basically the beauty of the suspended table is that of a given flat surface, no lower support, hung up by some sort of interesting ties be it lofted into a tree or on beams for example.  Essentially its the upside down table!

Tom Sawyer Inspired Outdoor Suspended Table via Le Magnifique Stephanie Sunderland Photography 1 Tom Sawyer Inspired Outdoor Suspended Table via Le Magnifique Stephanie Sunderland Photography

*Tom Sawyer Inspiration Shoot via Le Magnifique, Photography by Stephanie Sunderland Photography

Now if there is one thing that you’re starting to learn about me, its that I have a thing for whimsy, like a huge thing for it.  When you couple whimsy with stellar elevated mature design, well, I’ll just go have myself a quiet design ‘O’ over in the corner, just sayin.  The trick, and yes there is a trick, to the suspended tables, is their ability to be chameleon, but we’ll get to that.  The attraction is their unusual nature, sure it is in some regards almost like a novelty, but so what, they are super cool!

So  how are these swaying beauties chameleons exactly?  Its all in the details.  As I noted above, all a suspended table is, is a flat surface with a hanging element, this leaves a lot open to interpretation.  What this means, depending on the materials used, a suspended table can take on just about any wedding theme, any form, you name it.  Something modern, work with Plexiglas or plastics as a table top for example.  As long as whatever surface your going to work with is sturdy and not too pliable, your golden!  How you hang your table can also have an effect on the look and feel, another wonderful area to really play with design, imagine the supports covered in garlands of roses and green!  Why stop at just the material for the tables themselves, seating is a choice area to play, mix and matching all sorts of unique seating options, giving a truly eclectic and special touch!

Rustic Outdoor Suspended Table via Green Wedding Shoes Jess Graham Photography 2

*Texas Apple Pie Wedding Inspiration via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Jess Graham Photography

Thanks to the suspended tables ability to be so unique and versatile, it is most certainly one way to break the cookie cutter mold.  Elevating your tables, literally, is a welcome unique take that is immediately captivating and intriguing.  Believe it or not, these lovelies can travel indoors, in the right venues mind you.  Anything with a lofted ceiling and beam structure, your in!  All you need is the right place to hang them from above.  Imagine the utter shock and joy as your guests walk into a room of suspended tables!!  Executing something like this in an indoor space is certainly a quick way to change its look and feel, really putting your stamp  on it and personal touch of design!

If your looking to break the mold, inject some whimsy & character into your day, consider this gorgeous way of treating your guests to dinner.  There are so many terrific ways to express yourself on your wedding day, dont feel pigeon holed by something as mundane as a table if the conventional is simply not your style!  Lastly, be sure to check out both inspiration features Le Magnifique & Green Wedding Shoes, they are completely amazing!!

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