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Why It Works Wednesday: The Natural Beauty Of Nature

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

To me, sometimes the most beautiful things, are those that are the simplest things and such is the case with today’s gorgeous WIWW.  If you ever wanted to see a wonderfully unique & especially fun idea for a wedding, I implore you to head over to Green Wedding Shoes to check out this super cool, real wedding, at a Frontier Village!  From the location to all the little details, its pretty clear to see why the guests had such an amazing time.  There was one piece in particular that caught my eye, the table setting.

Natural Place Setting Raw Wood Feathers Twig Silverware Nick Radford via Green Wedding Shoes

*Photograph by Nick Radford 

There is a harmony to this shot that is hard to ignore.  Deep earthy browns, whispers of black & texture in spades is what makes it all so incredibly alluring.  Starting with the simple white charger, something every rental company will have, the couple built upwards wrapping a crisp white napkin {again something any rental company will have} around the plate.  Doing this creates a blank slate from which to present the intrigue piece, the pheasant feather.  Pheasant feathers have a sweetly unique pattern to them which beautifully echos the table below, which we will get to shortly.  There is a richness, a luxury association, which comes with the pheasant feather.  Coveted by royalty once upon a time, using these elegant beauties instantly elevates the area around which they are presented.  Laying gently beside the feather is a bronzed petite mini-me,  in the same warm color family as its enviroment, serving not only as a memento for the guest but this bronzed replica gives the overall setting a much needed metallic pop of life & shine.

As if almost in a ‘duh’ moment, the twig silverware is the perfect choice for this nature embracing place setting.  The twig fork & knife bring a literal sense to the natural side of things, & when juxtaposed against the dark weathered wood table, ties together a true in the elements type feel.  The darkness of the wood, which easily could be anything from a picnic style table to a re-purposed farm wood type of piece, is the last strong element.  Deep dark strong wood stains are often over looked, as typical people ‘fear’ strong colors.  In reality, these strong colors offer a sense of comfort, and in the case of the weathered wood here, a real sense of something that withstands time, sort of like the throw back frontier village the couple is at.  The beauty to it all is in the few elements brought together, each silently complimenting the piece next to them.  Design can sometimes get away from us, we try too hard, & we often forget that there are truly times when less is indeed, really more.