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I have a lil secret…..  even though I personally didn’t rock one, I have a MAJOR crush on veils.  Now I’ll be honest, I am NOT talking about your cookie cutter run of the mill plain tulle, good ol’lace trim, basic length veils.  Sure they are fine enough, they just aren’t my personal jam.  To me, veils equal drama, mystic, prestige & sophistication, so if you’re going to go down that road, GO.DOWN.THAT.ROAD, knowwhatimean!?  I keep a special board on Pinterest called Lifting The Veil where I not so secretly stash away all of my most favorite looks that praise everything about the wonder that is veils.  I am not kidding when I say I am pretty damn picky about what makes the cut for that board {there may have been a shot of two where I was wooed by the photography, but I digress…}.  For me to love a veiled look, there needs to be a very special je ne sais quoi… Be it phenomenal lace, gorgeous trimmings, unique ways of styling… you name it…. I am not scared and I love everything about the playful & fashion forward genius that can be veil creation.

Now that I have waxed poetically about these light angelic accessories, I want to highlight one look in particular that I am utterly in LOVE with from Cheryl Taylor of Taylor Clarke Bridals which I discovered thanks to the amazing gals of OnceWed.  OnceWed did a sweet little feature on a few vintage inspired veiled looks and I was immediately drawn to today’s look and IT.IS.EVERYTHING!

Vintage Dotted Lace Trim Vei via Taylor Clarke Bridals  Rylee Hitchner Photography

*Photograph by Rylee Hitchner Photography 

 There are a few factors at play here that make this look utterly divine.  First and foremost the veil material itself, which clearly has {or is, I am not 100% sure} a wonderfully aged antiqued look showing a thinness & delicate way to the fabric.  The gentle weave of the material is beautifully tight, allowing the petite white dots that decorate the length of the veil to truly pop out in the most demure of ways.  Finishing the piece is a quiet dance of levitating lace figurines lightly moving their way around the trim of the veil.  The overall effect is a reserved quiet beauty that exudes, in spades, a regal elegance that is breathtaking.

While the material itself is stunning, I must admit, for me, its the styling of the veil that has me so caught up.  Starting at the top, a simple jeweled piece frames our brides face, bringing a bit of realness to that regal feel.  The jeweled piece, in this case, is serving double duty, keeping our gorgeous piece of antiqued veil material exactly where it needs to be for…. the tuck!  Seriously guys, I am IN.LOVE. with the simple act of gathering the veil, mid way, perfectly cradling our bride’s Grace Kelly like finger wave low loose bun.  This sort of  look  is equal parts boho, sophisticated, & seriously refined. The look has a gentle nod to the wondrous age of old Hollywood where everything from glamour to how incredible well you put yourself together, counted.  Its wonderfully interesting how such a throw back piece of material, plus a styling that hearkens an era long ago, can still look marvelously fresh & new.

Gathering & tucking of the veil is a simple move that can utterly transport a look into a completely new stratosphere.  I encourage you to head to OnceWed, as there is a second shot with the veil not tucked.  It is incredibly marvelous to see the material in full glory as well!  If you feel your just not digging whats out there, find a piece of material that your happy with and really start playing.  Twist it, turn it, gather it, where it in an off center fashion, encourage it to get big, or smaller, move a bit off your head.  Working with a great piece of material is the only way that you’ll ever really come to find what it is that you love, so don’t be scared!  The beauty of veils is that they have long been established as an element that can easily dance into the couture side of life.  Big, full, far off the head, wondrously long, and magical filled with dots, lace, even butterflies and so on, there is a plethora to choose from and make your own!  How do you feel about the antiqued material?  Are you loving the subtle dots & delicately trimmed lace ends?  Are you as in love as I am with the gorgeous styling of this incredible veil!?  Keep sending in your design breakdowns, I love figuring out why it works!

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Photography: Rylee Hitchner // Styling: Joy Thigpen // Hair + makeup: Amanda Paige  // Vintage Veil: Cheryl Taylor ofTaylor Clarke Bridals // Dress: Temperley London // Location: Callanwolde