Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

Bridal style is always a hot topic as it is the fashion world’s best friend dressed in white!  Ok maybe not always white, especially these days, but you get my point!  Seriously though, the most brilliant way now a days to deliver anything but a cookie cutter wedding is by starting with expressing yourself through what you wear before anything else.  Your complete wedding day look can set the tone for your fete and is the physical manifest of the buzzwords that you use to craft your day.  Ethereal, sophisticated, vintage, boho, whimsical, along with every other wedding description, can be represented in not only your gown, but in your accessories & styling.

Headpieces as a whole are a huge trend in weddings right now, everything from over the top fascinators to boho inspired floral crowns.  When I ventured over to Limn & Lovely’s Valentine’s Day styled shoot, I found a gorgeous representation in bridal form of a mix of sophisticated style with whimsical boho feel which I thought was perfect for WIWW!  The look that we are spotlighting  has a solid foundation in classic bridal turned up a big notch with modern lines, a dash of sparkle, & a soft feminine feel!

limn and lovely valentine day styled session alea lovely *Photograph by Alea Lovely 

There are 4 big elements at play in this complete look: The Dress, The Bouquet {you better believe this is part of your look!}, lace headpiece along with Hair & Makeup.

The Dress…

We’ll start with the base of the look, the gown, from Anna Maier Ulla-Maija, which has a lochrosen and silver thread embroidered bodice with a full tulle skirt.  By design, this gown has a very classic clean crisp  silhouette.  The modern touch is the well fitted embroidered bodice which projects youth & light bringing a fresh feel to the face.  The full tulle skirt is also modernized, opting for construction that is far less dense then most tulle skirts, again, giving a more fresh take on a ball gown style.  The dress is the perfect choice for a bride that wants to have a bit of fun in their styling.  The sparkle on the bodice is just the right pop while leaving the door open for wonderful accessories!  Be careful when choosing your dresses ladies, if you know you’re going to want bold & gorgeous accessories, make sure your dress isn’t competing for the attention.

The Bouquet…

With something like a full tulle skirt, your going to want a floral arrangement that has a bit of size to it, otherwise it might simply get lost in the sauce if you will.  This arrangement is a terrific size, its the Goldilocks of bouquets if you will, not too big and not too small, juuuuusssst right!  The beauty of this particular arrangement however is the over all tone range of the colors which beautifully mimic to some degree the tone of the bodice in the dress while being different enough that it stands out.  There is a soft gorgeous romantic feel to the flowers all while being super feminine.  The injection of the eucalyptus as a finishing element gives the arrangement a touch of whimsy & lends itself to a boho chic feel, which….. wonderfully jives with the headpiece & hair!

Lace Headpiece, Hair & Makeup…

The idea here is simple enough yet wonderfully executed & there in lays the success.  The headpiece is a simple elegant piece of lace, tightly wrapped around her ever so gently tumbling barrel curled locks.  The lace headpiece serves to bring a touch of drama & style to our gals face all the while giving the hair a formal shape by keeping the crown of her locks close while allowing the rest to sway freely.  It gives the overall look a sense of refinement & freedom all in the same breath.  I really appreciate that the hair has just the right touch of body, texture, even a slight tussled look to it.  They didn’t over fuss, didn’t over fix, allowing a true boho chic feel to emerge.  Wonderfully supporting the hair & lace is the eloquently done makeup.  You might not think much of whats going on with it, but that’s truly the point and a testament to how well it is done.  Here again just the right amount is given to make our bride to keep true to her youth, look fresh, bright, and very much in love I’d say!

I love this look of a nod to the classics with wonderful injection of boho chic, high on the chic, don’t you!?  I am very much a fan of the headpiece movement and can’t wait to see what truly wonderfully styling comes out way.  Are you a fan of the floral crowns or are you more a lace girl yourself?  If there is ever anything that you would love to see design explained, please send it in…. you never know, it just might be our next Why It Works Wednesday!

Be sure to head over to Limn & Lovely to view the full post, it really is a treat and there are a few other looks that they worked with on the day as well!

Vendor Love

Photography: Alea Lovely / Venue: Longview Mansion / Flowers: Amy Cason of Victorian Gardens / Cakes and sweets: Classic Cakes / Dresses: Gown with high, beaded neckline >Amsale, short wedding dress > Ivy & Aster, strapless gown with embroidered bodice > Anna Maier~Ulla-Maija / Dress retailer: Altar Bridal / Makeup artist: Jolie Artistry