Why It Works Wednesday: Strong Wood Tables & Their Energizing Tablescape Counterparts

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

There is a real romance to table setting, even more then romance there is a delicate dance that is done to achieve the perfect balance no matter the volume of intensity one is setting the table design for.  Personally I have always been drawn to settings that allow for stellar tables to show through, such as those that lead the way in the resurgence of farm wood & reclaimed wood tables.  I often find that my personal favorites are tablescapes that offer a lot of open space & actual break in design.  Simply put, sometimes too much is just too much.  Does however, having too much, mean you can’t put much of anything on the table?  The answer is no actually.

As I combed through my archives aka my Pinterest board devoted to table settings, Elegance of Table Setting, I found a perfect representation of a table that certainly has a lot going on, however you dont feel that way when you look at it.  At the end of the day, with all design, its how you feel when your met with it.  Designs that are all too loud & intense can drain you or energize you, it all simply depends on how its put together.  The table we’re speaking of today was crafted by the dynamic husband & wife duo of Thuss + Farrell, a design & photography team.

Wood Table Setting With Floral Accents via Thuss + Farrell

*Photograph & Design by Thuss + Farrell

Upon first look you  might think, what am I talking about, there is a lot going on here.  The truth is however, there really isnt, what there is is a few consistent looks running through out.  First & foremost is the solid wood table which acts like a quiet foundation.  Its strong, its even & its just the right tone to keep us feeling grounded.  Next on the menu is the pale baby blue runner.  The color is soft & easy on the eyes & another solid which serves as a calm next to the ‘chaos’.

Each place setting is a simple informal setup, basic white charger, cutlery & a simple glass of water.  There is a method to this understated collection of flatware.  By working with a quiet wood table, a gentle runner & non-intruding flatware, the stage is set for a firework like display of action all of which simply serves as a canvas upon which to paint.  The beauty of the above table is its quiet strength.

Each setting is finished with a mix matched lot of soft floral napkins, simple place card & a gift for the guest tied in matching napkin fabric per the setting.  I can not tell you  how much I appreciate that they did NOT mix up gift ribbons & napkin patterns.  By placing each napkin setting with its partnered ribbon gift, even though it is two ‘loud’ elements on the table, by repeating the noise if you will, it takes on more of a harmonious tone in nature.  By placing the napkins & matching ribbons together, the gift becomes an extension of the place setting, there by extending each unique soft floral print.  Had the gifts & napkins been mismatched, a visual fight would have ensued, which also would have either clashed or distracted from the main event, the runner filled with flowers.

While at first look the runner filled of petite flower vases might seem like a lot, in reality its not.  The size is a factor sure, but the real reason it isnt as intense as one might think is the beauty in consistency & repetition.  While each arrangement is indeed not a carbon copy of the one before it, the use of the same blooms as well as the color scheme {& shape!} within the vases, ties it all together, allowing us to consume the multiple vases of flowers both independently {each vase on its own} as well as visually with ease by accepting them as one large grouping.

Table settings should energize on one level but also provide places of calm as well.  There is a science behind what we see visually and how it effects us.  Fostering a table setting that encourages your guests to dance vs ones that promoting tranquil behavior could make all the difference in your day.  Simple with chic design flair will always be a success.  The setting by  Thuss + Farrell is also a terrific example of what just a spot of time & desire can put together, eliminating the need for deep pockets & budget breaking settings!