1. BHLDN Bridesmaid Dresses In A Bevy Of Hues

    • BHLDN Bridesmaid Dresses In A Bevy Of Hues  See the Full Collection at http://storyboardwedding.com/bhldn-bridesmaid-dresses/
    • BHLDN Bridesmaid Dresses In A Bevy Of Hues  See the Full Collection at http://storyboardwedding.com/bhldn-bridesmaid-dresses/

    BHLDN, Anthropologie & Terrain are seriously a bride's best friend. No matter your wedding style, budget or type of finesse these 3 gems always deliver. Over the last few years BHLDN has consistently brought to life gorgeous gowns so its no surprise that BHLDN bridesmaid dresses are just as delicious. Their newest collection features both floor sweeping gowns as well as shorter cocktail numbers, in thoughtful hues. From lace to flowing chiffon, movement is the name of the game here as well as a convertible like atmosphere for a few styles. As weddings trends continue to push toward diversifying looks, BHLDN bridesmaid dresses offer soft and subtle detailing that allows each lady to alter their look just slightly, all while being gorgeously cohesive.

  2. St. Patrick’s Day Spring Wedding Inspiration In Hues of Green & Leather

    When I was considering what exactly it was that I wanted to feature today, putting together just about anything drenched in pure green seemed so very expected. After a few moments of mauling spring weddings over, it occurred to me what pairs ever so beautifully with the deep earthy hues of green, leather. Both green & leather has a true organic life force feel, when the two are paired together there is a real salt of the earth power that is hard to ignore. Working mostly with jewel tones of green, those found naturally occurring, nothing to bold or extreme, there is a certain passive feel that emotes, a calm & cozy place. Each element has a feel of refinement & sophistication, all while being grounded and wholesome. This spring wedding inspiration board serves as the perfect bridge for couples looking for style & grace all while assembling a day that is filled with personality & charm.

  3. Gorgeous Wedding Hair Trickery – The Faux Bob Tutorial

    You've got gorgeous long lush hair but wearing it all down isn't in the cards. Whipping it up into a full on updo isn't really your thing either, so where do you go from there? A haircut is out of the question as your not looking for that kind of permanent decision, so now what? Ladies I present to you one of my ultimate favorite answers to the age old question, what do I do with my hair... the Faux Bob! Simply put a faux bob hairstyle is a spot of gorgeous hair trickery employed by the best of them to give the illusion of a shorter do, without reaching for the scissors. No matter the thickness & length to your hair, there is always an answer and a way. A Faux bob is a super fun option for wedding hair, both for brides and bridesmaids, yes wedding guests too! With Eden's tutorial in hand, just about anyone can whip their locks into a shorter do!

  4. All About Eyes Quick Guide To Eyeliner By Eye Color Makeup

    Eyeliner can change your look subtly or dramatically in the blink of an eye. It's an easy cosmetic addition to indulge in, since you can score many wonderful products in a wide range of finishes at a variety of price ranges and they're a quick way to update your makeup look each season. This All About Eyes Quick Guide curated by NYC makeup artist Eden Di Bianco is designed to help you find the most flattering eyeliner for your eye color this season and beyond. *Worth noting: All of these products are cruelty free!