Boudoir Sessions

1940s Inspired Pinup Boudoir With A Military Nod & Burlesque Feel

The ‘Pin-Up’ as it is known today, truly came into our world around 1941, however it can be traced back  roughly to the late 1800’s.  While indeed the term is applicable to drawings, paintings, and other illustrations, in the sense that they are pinned up, but let’s be honest, as we know & love it today, its all about the gorgeous ladies!  A Pin-Up model, or Cheesecake, is a model whose mass produced photos would have wide appeal as pop culture.  As the pin-up gals became widely know around the 1940’s, the look & styling of the models has become a linked identity with anyone current day going with a pin up feel.  Something lesser known about the pin up style is that burlesque performers and actresses greatly embraced this format, using them as advertisements & business cards.  The form of Pin Up has evolved into a celebration of beautiful & attractive woman in a sweetly seductive form.  Inherently glamour is associated with the look, along with a vintage feel, all achieved by great hair,  makeup & of course styling!  Our boudoir today is a lovely example of a shoot that is pin-up inspired with a touch of that burlesque feel.  We love how our gals beauty is only enhanced by the retro feel, all the while allowing for some fun personality to shine through!


Vendor Love

Makeup Artist: Mariluz West | Etsy Designer: Scarlet Fairy | Photographer: Serena Star Photography