Moments.  Any photographer worth their salt will tell you that’s what it’s about.  Whether it’s a photojournalist shooting in some far off corner of the world or an editorial high fashion photographer working with the most skilled of super model, every click of the camera, each frame they capture, its all about that moments that they are able bring to light.  Married with the ability to capture these moments is the artistic ability that the photographer injects with their stylistic detailing.  Pennsylvania wedding photographer Ashlee Mintz Photography has done a beautiful job bringing gorgeous moments to life in this wonderfully simple yet deliciously perfect 1950’s vibed vintage boudoir session.  I feel like I’ve said it a million times before, there is so much more to a boudoir shoot than being naked as can be.  Ashlee & Brianna have done a delightful job of creating a vintage boudoir shoot that is sensual in all the right ways without selling too much.  There are moments that are stunning, like the close up of Brianna’s face, eyes closed, finger tips gentle touching her cheeks just so.  Tell me that isn’t 10 times more sexy!  Its easy for non-boudoir believers to get on board when examples like this vintage boudoir session exists!


Vendor Love

Photographer:  Ashlee Mintz Photography | Lace ChockerFairybyFoxie | Signage: heartcraftedco | Makeup: Makeup by Katie Marie | Lingerie: The G Spot Thrift Boutique | Other: TJs General Store