If there is one thing that I love most about modern day weddings, its how wonderfully far we have come away from the cookie cutter wedding factory type of celebrations.  From the diversified fashion to wedding themes & decor, wedding self expression is a truly having its moment.  Along with the change of wedding guard comes wanderlust like flower girl dress fashion.  No matter the style of wedding that your heart is after, there are delightful little flower girl frocks to make your day as complete as it could be.  Whether its something in the boho vein with loose fitting cottons finished with hand woven lace or something so gorgeously upscale & couture you’ll wish that you could drink an Alice In Wonderland like potion to shrink down and wear them for yourself!  I’ve put together a collection of 25 unique & diverse flower girl dresses that are the very finger print of wedding day self love & expression.


Doloris Petunia – Etsy Shop
Doloris Petunia Annabelle Flower Girl Dress Doloris Petunia Constellation Flower Girl Dress Silver

Doloris Petunia Pamela Floral Flower Girl Dress Blush

{Annebelle, Constellation, Pamela}  


Bella Bean Couture – Etsy

Bella Bean Couture Lace Tulle Flower Girl Dress

Lace & Tulle Flower Girl Dress 


Tea Princess

Tea Princess Baby Gigi Dress Silk Lace Flower Girl Dress Tulle Skirt Tea Princess The Olive Dress Silk Crepe Boho Flower Girl Dress

Tea Princess Ivory Lace Cross Back Flower Girl Dress Tea Princess Paris Dress One Shoulder Flower Girl Dress

{Baby Gigi, Olive Dress, French Vanilla, Paris Dress


Carmen Creation – Etsy 

Carmen Creation Couture Princess Flower Girl Dresses


Everything RufflesFoxnLily & Country Couture

Everything Ruffles Gray Ruffle Flower Girl Dress FoxnLily Victorian Lace Flower Girl Dress

Country Couture Co Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dress

{Everything RufflesFoxnLilyCountry Couture}  


Krikor Jabotian 

Krikor Jabotian Bluebell Flower Girl Dress Krikor Jabotian Blush Flower Girl Dress

{BlueBelle & Blush Tulle}  


Seahorse by Watters

Watters Seahorse Blush Tulle Flower Girl Dress Watters Seahorse Perwinkle Scallop Flower Girl Dress

Watters Seahorse Ivory Ruffle Tulle Flower Girl Dress Watters Seahorse Sequin Gold Flower Girl Dress

{Oatmeal Tulle, Periwinkle Scallop, Nude Ruffle, Sequins & Tulle


Olivia Kate & Custom Show 

 Olivia Kate Couture Tulle Navy Blue Flower Girl DressCustom Show Peach Flower Girl Dress

{Navy Tulle, Peach Tulle


Tutu du Monde

Tutu du Monde - Mystery Dress - Fraise Flower Girl Dress Tutu du Monde Brooklyn Dress Rehearsal Oatmeal Flower Girl Dress

Tutu du Monde Flight of Fancy Turquoise Flower Girl Dress Tutu du Monde Flight of Fancy Blue Flower Girl Dress

Tutu du Monde - Eternity Tutu Flower Girl Dress

{Mystery Dress, Brooklyn Rehearsal Oatmeal Tulle, Flight of Fancy Turquoise, Flight of Fancy Deep Blue, Eternity Tutu}