Boudoir Sessions

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2014 Collection ‘Behind Close Doors’

You know I am not afraid of the sexy & sultry, never have been and never will be!  When the good folks at Agent Provocateur sent along a peek into their latest collection, I knew I simply had to share!  Their latest collection, Spring Summer 2014, takes a playful direction as far as the campaign itself goes,  fashioning their girls in the manner of the glossy 1950’s stepford wife, with the caveat being what goes on behind those closed doors at home.  Its a  novel idea and something I think many of us can relate to!  The collection itself features a wide range of peacock like hues & inspired modern designs, something the design house itself calls schizophrenic in nature with its diversity.  Lace, gingham, & embroidery are just a few of the elements used to craft the collection.  While only a piece or two from the collection would successfully work under just the right wedding dress, each and every one is spot on perfection for the most sultry of boudoir shoots, wedding night or honeymoon!  From those trending toward a more bashful demure look to one seeking more of an exhibitionist flavor,  the options are there.  Personal favorites from the collection are Sandra {black bra & pantie with bodice strapping} & Gloria {cranberry sheer bra/corseted bodice with matching pantie & garter belt}.  For me personally, there is just something I am in love with in the designs which feature ‘straps’ & lines across the waist.  Perhaps I have a closeted bondage side, then again, I think I will just stick with gorgeous lingerie that plays naughty at times!


Vendor Love

Photography: Miles Aldridge | Hair: Peter Grey | Makeup: Miranda Joyce | Stylist: Cathy Edwards | Creative Director: Sarah Shotton, Agent Provocateur