An Intimate English Town Hall Wedding & Crown Celebration With Musical Notes As Punctuation

Small intimate weddings can be just as powerful, sometimes even more so, then larger wedding fetes.  This gorgeous lil English wedding is certainly no exception!  Maria Silvestri and Joe Wilson opted to for a more intimate, almost city hall type affair, getting married in the same Town Hall as both Paul McCartney and Ringo, not to shabby in the iconic figures in British history department!  Certainly not wanting to miss out on the celebrating, our sweet couple joined friends & family for a bright & airy dinner that truly allowed guests to be close with the couple & share in the creation of their wedding day memory.  This wedding is clearly filled with the love between Maria & Joe, while each small detail clue into their special bond.  There are some really lovely moments between captured by Esvy Photography that perfectly show how at ease our bride & groom are with one another, so very two peas in a pod!


Novella of the Bride…

We’re Maria and Joe and we currently live in North London, with our puppy Dolly. We met on June 7th 2010 before a concert we were both attending and have been together since! We both knew when we met each other that we’d be together and got married in June 7, 2012 after 3 years.  Joe writes scripts and Maria works in music so  we put together our interests and make music videos together 🙂

We wanted it to feel informal, spring, and a touch vintage, but not so much that it felt like a theme.  We tried to keep the decorations and venues simple and fairly understated.  The decorations we did have we tried to make as much ourselves, or something special to us.  To make it special – for example, we made the bunting out of sheet music to our favorite songs to jokingly sing at each other, and the gift bags had vintage pick n mix sweets which we love eating loads of whilst watching films.  Both of our parents helped us a lot with the wedding.  Maria’s family flew out early to help us set everything up and do little things like gift bags a few nights before.  Joe’s family helped us along the way making sure we got the right venues for us and making sure we didn’t lose or forget anything! We definitely didn’t want the wedding to feel too structured or formal but more like a big fancy family dinner where we could all laugh, talk, and shout across the table.

We chose Old Marylebone Town Hall for our ceremony, it was the first place we’d looked and everywhere after didn’t feel the same way.  It was the perfect space for us, and had rooms that weren’t too big but were gorgeous and bright still. We thought the history of the Town Hall was quite good as well – being the same place as Paul McCartney and Ringo both got married. We were really stuck where to have the reception at first, but as soon as we’d been to The Crown we knew it was the right fit.  We wanted something that felt comfortable and loved the big bright windows.   We also picked it because it is right next to Victoria Park which would have been a lovely walk around and photo opportunity but, as I’m sure you’ll know, the sun doesn’t stay around for long in London and it started pouring on us!

The Couple’s Favorite Moments:

Bride: “People had tried to warn me how much the day melts into one and is over before you realized it started, but I didn’t realize how accurate that was! I fell asleep in the car on our way back to the hotel after the wedding and when I woke up it was almost like it was all a dream.”

Groom: “The whole day was absolutely amazing. Although I’d seen Maria in her dress before the wedding day as I’d accompanied her to the dress fittings, she looked even better in it on the day. I popped out to the Costa Rican Embassy at 7am as my phone told me to go there instead of Costa to get her a drink, and when I got back I had to get ready so by the time I saw her at 10am, it was amazing. She was absolutely perfect. When I first saw her, she had this huge smile on her face and she couldn’t stop it taking over and it’s probably the one moment that’ll stick out in my head the most out of the whole day.”


Vendor Love

Ceremony Venue: The Old Marylebone Town Hall/Yellow RoomReception Venue: The Crown | Wedding Dress: Vintage/adjustments by FCNK | Shoes: Melissa x Vivienne Westwood | Hair & Makeup StylistElbie van Eeden | Groom’s Suit: Ben Sherman | Invitation Designer: Vinyl | Florist: Flower Station | Caterer: The Crown | Baker: Ella’s Bakehouse | Photographer: Esvy Photography