Backyard Style Eclectic Modern Wedding At Sausalito’s Studio 333

In effort to find a venue uniquely cool and fabulously different from most, Kelly Davis & Erik Thomas stumbled upon Sausalito California’s Studio 333  which provided the perfect setup for their gorgeous eclectic modern wedding!  Seeking  more of  a dinner party feel, the couple utilized the event space’s courtyard for both the nuptials & reception while guests were treated to frosty beverages & libations within the gallery walls.  To embrace the full eclectic modern wedding feel, Kelly donned a beautifully sleek form fitting Nicole Miller gown with lace cutouts hugging the waist, which she topped off with a bridal fascinator and sweetly flowing locks, bringing a touch of European flavor!  Wedding photographer  Robin Jolin Photography was on hand to savor every moment, from the I Do’s to the private strolls seaside!


Novella of the Bride…

Wedding Buzzwords ~ Happy – Bright – Fun – Love – Party

In February of 2010, Erik landing in SF after 7 months traveling in South America.  Kelly too landed in SF for the second after a year in Italy. They both arrived within days of each other and met just a few weeks later. At the time, both were unemployed.  Kelly was living on friend’s couches and Erik was living in a weekly hotel. That said, they had plenty of free time to get to know each other.  Today Erik and Kelly have both come a long way. They currently live in their own apartment in San Francisco with their cat Nika…named after a trip they took to Nicaragua. They continue to love traveling together and their next stop is Brazil for their honeymoon.   I can’t imagine the places these two will go next.

Our wedding is meant to bring all the important people in our lives together for one big celebration/party.  People will be meeting each other for the first time, while others will be reuniting.  It’s all about happiness and fun!  We wanted something different and not a normal wedding venue. We wanted it to be more like a dinner party than a wedding.

Vendor Love

Photographer: Robin Jolin Photography | Venue: Studio 333  | Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller  | Shoes: J.Crew  | Hair + Makeup: Fresh Face Hair& Make-Up  | Groom’s Attire: J. Crew  | Invitations: Bride  | Music: 2B1 Multimedia Inc.  | Florist: Kate’s Blossoms  | Caterer: Cater Marin  | Baker: Spoon Full of Sugar