Gorgeous Black Veils From Fashion Forward To Couture

A long while back I did a feature on black birdcage veils.  Its so interesting because at the time that I was hunting down gorgeous veils to feature, it was almost like pulling teeth to really find great veils of any sort in black, they simply weren’t out there.  As I addressed in my feature there is a strong stigma associated with the black veil, that of something that is worn pretty much solely to a funeral related function, and I find that really unfortunate.  There is certain quality that black veils emit, that of something wonderfully regal and chic.  There is an almost royal like quality to them, not something that the common man would typically wear.  I was curious to see how the world has evolved in regards to black veils and my oh my, I am not let down!

Black Bandeau Veil With Floral Accent

As I started searching I was eagerly met with an onslaught of utterly stunning variations on the black veil, each equally gorgeous & wonderfully intriguing.  Intrigue is certainly part of the mystic to the black veil is it not?  A bit of mystery & coyness, attributes that would certainly suit a bride or two now a days.  The idea of a the black veil becoming more ‘main stream’ is deliciously divine to me, and something I very  much look forward to.  With bride’s breaking away from the cookie cutter mentality, leaning much more on fashion forward looks, I think the black veil will start to gain a foot hold and rightfully so.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking down on traditional veils, I am simply singing the praises of other options that happen to be chic through and through!  Below are some of my most favorite of finds, from birdcage – bandeau to those that are far more couture & only for the more daring & fashion savvy.  There is a bevy of options growing out there and I can only hope to inspire more women to try their hand with these wonderfully regal beauties!


Bandeau & Birdcage Style Black Veils

Black Birdcage Veil Structured Mesh Black Veil

Nose Level Black Veil With Black Dotting Detail Black Veil With Black Dotting

Loose Black Netting Veil Tight Black Bandeau Veil With Crystal Dotting Couture Black Veil With Crystal Stud Details


Fashion Forward – Couture Black Veils 

Black Veil With Top Hat Couture Black Tulle Veil

Black Lace Veil Elbow Length Black Veil With Floral Headband

Couture Black Lace Veil Couture Spanish Influenced Black Veil

Ok so clearly I cheated when I put the last veil into the birdcage category, I had a layout issue!  That veil however, with its crystal detailing is simply incredible isn’t it thought!?  Do you love these black veiled options as much as I am???  I realize some are truly for an editorial world, but it is the editorial world that inspires us non?  There are some very realistic options here that are down right gorgeous in every way.  I think my two personal favorites have to be the veil that Reese is wearing and the very last veil just above in the couture section.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on these lovely black veils and even more so, would love to see real brides taking a bigger fashion step when it comes to their day!