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Classic Jewel Toned Wedding in California

Melissa and Nick’s love story starts out like a saccharine-shrouded romantic comedy: two unassuming individuals spark up a connection in the most random of places; a soccer field because both of their sons played for the same team. A friendship started blooming and despite their sons’ separation once the season was over, the fates intervened and Melissa and Nick once again connected through the medium of sports, this time on the baseball diamond of their sons’ new baseball team. It’s incredibly uncanny and fast forwarding a few years, the two began planning for their classic jewel toned wedding in California captured by Nikkels Photography.

Melissa was able to exercise her event industry prowess for her own wedding and she went above and beyond. Though she and Nick hired planner extraordinaire By Request to guide them along, the fine details were dreamed up all from our lovely couple. The wedding theme itself was focused on family, and the decor centered around the majesty of fall. It’s their favorite time of year and Hartley Farms showcased a thrilling outdoor space and landscape. To draw on that, jewel tones were a great option versus the “traditional” fall colors. Shades like ruby, amethyst, and sapphire all jutted out beautifully from the verdant greenery. Fall brides and grooms, pin the heck out of this one.

How did you meet?

Our love story is many years in the making. Over 5 years ago, our boys, Colton and Robbie, were assigned to the same soccer team. As dedicated parents, we stayed to watch most practices and never missed a game. While we were there cheering on the kids, we were also developing a strong friendship. But when the soccer season came to an end, we parted ways without exchanging phone numbers.

3 years later, the fates intervened, and the boys were again placed on the same sports team. This time, it was baseball. And this time, we were not letting each other go. We spent 3-4 hours together 3-4 days a week watching the boys play and solidifying the bond we had started so many years ago.

We both feel incredibly lucky to have found each other. Our love for our kids, our families, and each other only grows more each day. 

What is your proposal story?

Nick proposed on a quick weekend trip to Portland, Oregon for Melissa’s birthday in early January 2019. Our second night in Portland was our fancy dinner night. We enjoyed a 6-course, upscale Italian dinner at a small restaurant in downtown, complete with wine pairings. When the dessert course was presented, Melissa’s plate had a ring on it and said “Will you marry me?” in chocolate. 

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

We love food, wine, and cocktails! This was the biggest part of our budget, and it was worth every penny. We opted not to have a wedding cake, and instead had an assortment of our family’s favorite desserts. One of our favorite memories of the night was a bunch of us standing around the dessert bar, each with a different slice of cake, pie, cookie, or bar, and sampling off of each others’ plates. That’s how family does it!

The other important part of our day was making sure we spent as much time as possible with our guests. We insisted that we get to participate in cocktail hour, so we could enjoy the party with them! Having dinner family-style made it easy for us to get around to tables and eat with our guests.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

Our first look together was by far the most memorable parts of the day. Having those moments to ourselves and documented by our amazing photographer was so special. It allowed us both to relax, breathe, and remember that even with the chaos of the wedding activities all around us, it was our day. 

We also can’t forget to mention the dancing. Oh, the dancing! Between the kids coordinating the macarena and the adults partying like they hadn’t been to a club in years, it was quite the affair. One friend even enthusiastically completed a front handspring! Thankfully, he nailed it. 

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Weddings have traditionally been so structured, and I encourage everyone to throw that out the window! We did, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Our order of events was 1) Ceremony, 2) Cocktail Hour, 3) Bride/Groom entrance with welcome toast, 4) Dinner, 5) Dancing, 6) Sparkler exit. We didn’t have formal speeches, a cake cutting, or bouquet/garter tosses interrupting the flow. It allowed us, and our guests, a more enjoyable evening. So many guests said they made new friends that night! We loved hearing that. 


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