Boudoir Sessions

Cinema Like Couple Boudoir Played Out On The Crystal Waters Of Mexico

They say life is like a movie.  With a gentle roll of our eyes we all go yeah ok, sure… but the reality is, it most certainly is!  Couple boudoir sessions are popping up more and more but today’s couple boudoir session takes it for a cinematic spin.  Boudoir & wedding photographer Art Of Her Photography has woven a story that shares both the couple’s boudoir as well as their moody Azul Fives first look in Mexico.  The result is something that plays out like a real life moment intertwined with intimate flashbacks shared between the couple.  It’s easy to get swept up into the stormy Mexico atmosphere and feel the emotions, love & certain desire that Jaime & Dee have.  If you allow yourself to view the full feature as a story, you’ll find you simply cant get enough of this version of a couple boudoir.


Vendor Love

Photography: Art Of Her Photography | Hair + Makeup Boudoir: Jamie White of Jamie Dionne | Hair + Makeup Wedding: Azul Fives Salon