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Picture this: an intimate elopement on the gorgeous Neskowin Beach, the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, and the lovebirds standing hand in hand with the sand between their toes. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s not just a dream – it’s a reality! Recently, we had the pleasure of planning a styled shoot featuring the most breathtaking elopement you could imagine. We made sure every detail was perfect, from the stunning floral arrangements to the mouth-watering dessert table. The result? A dreamy elopement that would make even the most stoic of hearts swoon. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the photos – they speak for themselves!

What was your design inspiration?

I wanted this session to feel modern and moody next to one of the rare beaches in Oregon. I wanted to bring in elegance with the pearled cathedral veil but also some added texture with the bride’s ruffled wedding dress.

Tell us about your attire choices.

We were going for elegant but casual with the outfits. The groom wore a simple shirt and khakis and the bride wore a taupe ruffled dress. We accessorized with a black hat and long cathedral veil.

Please describe any DIY, handmade or personal details.

I (the photographer) made the cathedral veil and added on the pearl beads for some extra spice.

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