Boudoir Sessions

Earthly Goddess Outdoor Boudoir Session In A Secret Forest

Raw, real and wonderfully untouched, I hold a special place for boudoir sessions who step outside the over glossed and into the pure.  Boudoir photographer Cheyenne Gil Photography has a deep seated love for all things boudoir, a passion which bleeds through into each session.  Stepping into a ‘secret forest’ Cheyenne captures a captivating outdoor boudoir session that is equal parts angelic & haunting.  Intertwining the natural elements around along with plays on depth of field,  the session drifts away from the more traditional over sexualized boudoir and into an outdoor boudoir that focuses on light & an artistic eye to define.  Sun rays are a playful tool, highlighting everything from the ringlets in the hair to the curves of the body, giving us that perfect spotlight to outdoor boudoir pureness.


*All Photographs by Cheyenne Gil Photography