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Show of hands: who would delight in getting married on a Florentine rooftop with old world city views? We’re imagining a vast amount of hands shooting up in response and we can’t say we blame any of you. Being in Italy alone conjures up romance; the vibes are intrinsic to the country as are so many places in Europe. When this elegant and moody elopement inspiration in Florence by Silvia Mazzei dropped in our laps (okay, submission inbox), it was an automatic yes for us.

The Angel Rooftop Bar in Florence won the lottery when it came to their restaurant rooftop views. The 360-degree unprecedented views are stellar and allows for a dreamy backdrop. Despite really not needing anything to jazz up the outdoor space, we love the contrast of geometric lines against the rustic views. Metallic sconces encasing white florals dangled from the ceiling and the couple was flanked between two larger-than-life floor installations with additions of eucalyptus, pampas grass, roses, ferns and more from Fiori di Testa. Interior-wise, the centerpieces stayed bold and big and the gold detailing and marble pattern (derived from the restaurant’s design) stood out more prominently in the restaurant’s moody space. Five stars for this jaw-dropping shoot planned by Linea Bianca Eventsfrom Firenze.

Event Credits

PhotographySilvia Mazzei
Reception VenueAngel Rooftop Bar
StationeryRaffaella Oddo
HairExplò Hair and Makeup
Wedding DressPronovias
Groom’s AttireSogno di Sposa
Bride’s ShoesPrada