Farm To Table Influences For Small Metropolitan Weddings With Low Fuss Modern Couples

The simple modern couple with great taste.  What do they look like & what would their wedding be?  All too often we get swept up in images of weddings with vintage flavor, grandeur, & so on.  What about those couples looking to keep things modern, keep things small, all the way not skimping on style & design?  I’d like to think that this styled shoot is a great barometer of what could be brewing in the modern small wedding forum.  For me, this wedding has the feel that very much emulates the farm to table movement.  There is a strong earthy richness going on that pays homage to organic life, all the while celebrating a young, low fuss couple.  While our bride is happy to play the white wedding part, she is more comfortable slipping into a chic low back dress for their reception.  There are many couples looking to keep their weddings small, focusing more on good food, great friends & beautiful surroundings, and this styled shoot definitely hits that mark!


What Storyboard Likes…

Earth Love– Whether your a foodie or not, the population as a whole is slowly growing aware of the whole farm to table movement.  Restaurateurs & chefs of a ‘new’ sort are striving to work directly with local farms, utilizing product from within their own region, there by supporting the home food chain.  As such, there is a design aesthetic that has sprung up around it.  Earthy, organic, rustic, woody, green.  There is a warm, homey feel to these restaurants, the kind that make you feel like you’ve wrapped yourself in your favorite sweater, and that is the point isn’t it?  Farm to table is essentially the idea of eating what you have grown, which is a sense of home.  The idea of hosting an intimate wedding fete at such a place truly drives home the essence of having family & friends over to your very own home.  There is a warmth to it that no wedding house can ever bring and as such these restaurants, for the right couples, make an amazing choice for hosting their day!

The Modern Metropolitan Bride– There is a bride that exists almost in secret.  She is little talked about & at times almost treated like a dirty little secret.  This bride is the one that doesnt put so much focus & importance on her wedding dress.  She is more at ease in a chic frock of another sort.  Whether she wears that frock for the entire affair or slips into it as soon as the ceremony is over, she is the hallmark of the modern bride who loves the entire world of fashion, not just those that are white & puffy.  This bride played the wedding day role then traded her white for some greeny blues.  Never fear brideys, white does not a bride make.  They know your the bride because you are, not because of the dress you wear.

Chocolate Peonies– I’m a peonies girl.  I adore peonies, die when I see the photos of the Paris markets with stacks and stacks of peony bunches just taunting me with their beauty.  I was ruined when I realized I couldn’t have them for my own wedding {stupid August…} When that realization came along I then abandoned my hope of them on my wedding cake too, not the real ones, the gorgeous sugar work ones that some truly skilled bakers create.  The chocolate peonies in this cake are beyond, both in their craftsmanship as well as the airbrushing finish which gives them their dimension & feel.  I also always love the idea of coloring things in food that are not natural colors in life.  Chocolate peonies don’t exist so much in real life, so its a fun joy to see them here.   Go forth my brides and make peonies!!!

Vendor Love

Event Designer: The Idea Emporium,We Do Designs, Weddings North Valley | Florist: Cambray Rose Florist | Makeup: Banana Moon Makeup Studio | Baker: Lovely Layers Cakery | Venue: Monk’s Wine Lounge | Photographer: Burns Photography