Boudoir Sessions

Feminine & Dreamy Daytime Boudoir

When a boudoir session is able to intermix everything alluring about feminine beauty, all the while wrapping itself in a package of coy sexuality without going over the top, a boudoir favorite is born!  Dressed in a world that embodies soft romantic style,  Abby took a cue from Jane Austen for the heart beneath her boudoir session with Stephanie Karen Photography.  A gentle mix of corals & ivories are donned by Abby in the form of high waisted panties and satin bras, showing off her body in just the right amounts.  Allowing for Abby’s beauty to do the heavy lifting, a simple environment of vintage framed wall and cozy bed draped in tulle became the perfect world for this wonderfully romantic boudoir session.  The end result is a light and lovely boudoir that is the perfect blend of sexuality and femininity.


Vendor Love

Photography: Stephanie Karen Photography | Hair + Makeup: Julie Baxter