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You’re not supposed to have favorites.  They say each one should take an equal amount of you’re heart.  The simple truth is, thats never really the case is it?  When Atlanta wedding photographer Christa O’Brien Photography‘s stunning fine art film noir moody boudoir shoot fell into my lap I felt a sense of connection I don’t always feel.  Don’t get me wrong, I so very much love the various shoots we share, its not always though, they feel completely like… me.  If I were to do a boudoir shoot today, I’d be beating down Christa’s door… no joke, no fluff, solid truth.  There are so many beautiful little things working in harmonious strength within this little moody boudoir that it is extraordinarily hard to deny its success.  The location is utterly divine, offering the perfect blend of natural light, with a mood loving interior decor.  A bouquet of the drippy hand-tied fashion in dark brooding hues by Beautiful/Wild Design accented with ribbon from The Poetry of Silk floats throughout.  Simple, incredibly chic lingerie choices hug in all the right places creating the most enticing blend of reveal meets coy.  Then you have Christa’s eye coupled with hair & makeup artist Erin Ryser beauty details.  Each and every photograph is stand alone stunning, a wondrous balance of feminine power.  From the framing, the depth of field choices to the absolutely dream worthy double exposures.  Each photograph is a journey on its own, each taking you some place unique.  No matter what type of boudoir you might be planning, moody boudoir or not, I implore you to seek out a photographer who can deliver you a story, much like the very one Christa does here.    

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Photography: Christa O’Brien Photography | Floral: Beautiful/Wild Design | Ribbon: The Poetry of Silk | Beauty: Erin Ryser | Submitted via: Matchology